December 29, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

Wow 4 years really doesn't sound that long but I don't feel like we have been married that long! It has been great though! I don't have very many of my pictures because i don't have my computer, but here is a few pictures from the past few years! I can't believe we are going to have another baby here pretty soon, time flys and we have been so blessed through all of it! We are getting to build a house and we have a great family! I guess i really couldn't ask for anything else! I love you babe! Happy Anniversary!
it rained so hard our wedding day! So not very many of our pictures look to great but oh well! It was so cold! I guess it was worth it, even though i had my hair and makeup all washed off as soon as i walked outside!

Bryson sure was a chunk!


ok i guess this is a HAPPY BIRTHDAY RYAN, MERRY CHRISTMAS~ i know i am way behind on the blogging still but we are just going to have to deal with it! jk i will try. So to start we had Ryan's 27th birthday a week ago, poor guy so close to Christmas got squat from his wife! But we did go to dinner and had cake and all that even though he doesn't hardly eat sweets, it was fun, and i found the cutest video of him singing in a talent show when he was like nine, and if he wouldn't totally kill me i would post it!!! but HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY BABE I LOVE YOU!

and i guess this is the only pic. i got not the best

And then we had all of our Christmas festivities!! We had our cute little parade (that was freakin' 2 hours long) the kids loved the first hour! Bryson was amazed at the lights and everything it was funny to watch him get excited over really nothing at all!

of course we had to sit curbside or else the kids would have been in the parade!

Then we had our (soon to be) ward Christmas party and bryson on santas lap was so funny! He started to point to me to come and get him and then everyone started to laugh and he covered his face, like you can't see me. It was so funny, he is a crack up!

And then, i just thought this was a cute picture of Bryson and his cousin Rylee! They are watching the Backyardigans, and i was surprised they looked away at all for a pic!

And here are all of us girls at our finest, early Christmas morning! we always do the matchin Pj's! Ignore my extra weight, i promise i am pregnant not just fat!

We went to Thatcher the day after christmas and on Saturday we woke up to snow on the ground and everything it was way cool! So we went to the mountains to play and I think Bryson looks like the kid off the Christmas story! I love it! It was fun, but way cold!

And here is B and steph trying to stay warm! AZ wimps! jk i am too!

December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving and Bryson's Birthday!


It has been one eventful Thanksgiving! We had most of my moms side of the fam. at my uncles house. It was fun to see family that we hadn't seen in a while and some that we hadnt seen since Bryson was a newborn so that was really fun! No we didn't do any of Black Friday but lots of cousins did and it sounds like way to much work for me. Maybe some day I will actually plan it all out! Then friday was my best friends baby shower and it was so much fun, it was like a high school reunion! All of our friends were there and we hadn't all been together in forever! Then Ryan left friday to go hunting and i stayed in thatcher because Brysons Birthday was saturday! I can't believe my baby is two and he got some cute things im sure that he didn't need! And i guess i need to post it that bryson is going to be a big brother! We are excited, a little nervous but i guess bryson can't stay an only child forever! Hopefully it is a boy and that would make life a little easier! But if anyone has any advice on number 2 that would be lovely, i can't imagine dealing with more than one, i don't exactly adjust very well to new things! But anyways, bryson had two birthday parties, one in thatcher (i didn't get any pics because i misplaced my camera for a while!) and one here in Sierra Vista with his cousins, it was so much fun for him!!! But i hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving and i can't believe that we are actually getting ready for Christmas....Crazy!!!

Megans Baby shower so fun!

i just thoght this was a funny pic! we were on a walk and the kids didn't want to be in the strollers any more! so they ran like a 1/2 mile! crazy!

November 20, 2008

Bryson's first trip to Disneyland!!!! And on a plane

so last weekend my mom decided to surprise my lil sister and take her to disneyland! it was so much fun because of course she brought me and bryson along with her! She picked up my sister at school early and already had a few things packed for her and told her they were leaving. we flew out of tucson so she drove and picked me and bryson up too! We flew to San Diego to stay with my aunt and her 2 girls and steph still didn't know we were going to Disneyland! She waited until late that night and we finally cracked and told her, but she loves disneyland so it was fun to all go together! Although i don't suggest taking a 2 year old all day long without a nap anywhere, he did really good! And it was so much fun! He was totally shocked to see the characters. Like oh my gosh, cartoons are real, it was so cute! Im pretty sure that Disneyland is the best place in the world! it was so much fun! we went on every ride and waited maybe 20 mintues was the longest ever! Best time to go during the week!
we stayed with my aunt in san diego so we only were at Disneyland one day until midnight, ya i know rediculous! But we got to go watch my little cousins soccor game and just hung out with them!

Bryson on his very first ride with Grandma

my sister steph with B and cousin Sydney

of course california adventure, we went there too~

I think he is a little confused about chip...or dale

and Goofy was his favorite, i think because he watches mickey mouse clubhouse and loves it!

November 2, 2008

halloween part 2~

I guess i had to put pictures from halloween night, bryson actually kept his costume on and he looked so cute! he would say "aRRRRRRR" it was so cute....i guess only to his mom and maybe grandma! But here are the pics! If you can't tell he is my little pirate!

His makeup was a little better, but it had already gotten wiped off a bit with candy and spit!

Bryson is such a cheese ball, not the best mean pirate~!
okay so this is all the cousins halloween night at Grandmas.
two very happy and two not so much!

These are the two newest additions Hudson and Jayden! so cute!

October 31, 2008


yes i know that it has been forever since we have posted but things have been a bit crazy around here! we moved out of our very first home and back in with mom and dad! yes you may say that is moving backwards, but we are starting to build a house and for a while we are going to live with ryans parents, who have been way to nice to put up with us so far! we also went home to thatcher to see my family not to long ago and took bryson to the fair but i have no pictures because they just aren't working (will come later)! Bryson had fun watching all the weird people that show up to the fair and i got to ride all the rides because bryson was afraid of them! wahoo!
we also did the whole traditional carving "punkins" as bryson says and went to a pumpkin patch that he totally loved! he is so in love with punkins right now its cute! But that is really all that has gone on here, im sure we will update to show the sorry excuse of a costume i put together for bryson, because of my being such a slacker lately!! Anyways happy halloween to everyone!!!

okay so you can't really tell that it is a skull and cross bones, but lit up it looked cool!

and i just thought this was a funny picture of bryson with his cousin rylee! one they will hate later on! (perfect sensor bryson)

September 30, 2008


yes that is right, our house is SOLD and we am now homeless! jk we aren't homeless really! my wonderful inlaws are going to be very nice and let us live with them for the next few months while we build our house! I know what most of you are thinking, you have to be out of your mind to want to live with your inlaws, but seriously my inlaws are so fun and not crazy at all! well my mother in law is crazy just not bad crazy, shes fun crazy! So we are actually very excited to get moving and start our house! i shouldn't complain either our house was only on the market like 6ish months i think, so not to bad for this market! But i didn't think i would care to leave this house, but im gonna miss it! we brought bryson home here and its been a fun first home so i don't want to leave it but i guess there is no turning back now! We have to be out by oct. 15th really soon! wow i guess i should probably start packing, i just dont know where to start!

September 21, 2008

Football games and accidents!

i just realized i hadn't posted in a while, not a ton has gone on! ryan's little bro. has had football games just start up again and it has been so much fun taking bryson to watch! we made shirts with troys number on them and they look so cute all matching! They wouldn't really let me get a picture but oh well! And then a few days ago i was going to a kick boxing class and outside before we walked in bryson was playing around and fell and hit his mouth on a giant flower pot and got a huge hole inside his lip and chipped his two front teeth, thank heavens they aren't permanent because he looks a little hill billy! it looked so much worse than it was of course but i had blood all down half of my shirt and it looked like his teeth were gone(they were just red from blood:) it was crazy!

Bryson with his cousin Rylee actually getting along at the game!
the picture i took is hard to see but that was bryson showing me his teeth for the camera!

September 5, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

so every year we have the Haymore fam. Reunion up at their cabin! It is a really fun tradition because the kids love it and it is so nice to relax, ride quads and see so many of ryans cousins and family that we never really get to see! We always go up sat. through monday. And we go to church in Elfrida(the smallest place ever) and we triple their ward, they call it Haymore sunday. And Bryson loved it because he is old enough now that he really enjoyed playing with his cousins and being outside 24/7! Every time he would wake up from being asleep at night or for naps, he would make a quad noise,"brummm..brummm..." that is all he wanted to do is ride the quads! He is so crazy about them and im pretty sure he road about half the time we were there! This is our family after a really long and dirty weekend! here are a some pics of it!

He thought they were "bid apples"

Bryson with his cousins except the 2 babies!
(ignore how totally dirty he is)

They always have a pinata for the kids to destroy and
Bryson hit it a couple times and then kissed it!
I guess he is a lover not a fighter!

One of his thousands of quad rides!

These are his legs after the weekend! When we got home
i gave him a bath and kept washing his legs thinking it was dirt!
Nope just bruises!

And he loved all the babies up there! He loves to kiss babies!

August 21, 2008


okay i know that some of you are crazy and didn't like the book, but wow i loved it! no im totally kidding, everyone has different opinions but it was everything i was expecting and more! i know it was a bit predictable, but what love story isn't!? So if you would like to tell me how you felt about the book i would love to know what everone thought of it! And i know it took me a while to be done with this book , but i had to read the 2nd and third books again to really get caught up with everything, and really get in the mood, and it totally did that! i was so into this book as i read, it was crazy!!!!

August 11, 2008

Summer is already gone!

okay so i have no idea where the summer went, but it went by so fast! i just had realized that i didn't take very many pictures either for as much has been going on! But we will get back into the swing of things here soon! we have had weddings like crazy this summer and so many new babies! we have a new niece and nephew that of course i don't have pictures of because i am an awful aunt! And me and my sister in law were on a summer softball league that just ended this last weekend. We don't have a league here for women so we had to drive 30 min. to benson, really gay but whatever it was so much fun! And then Ryan's brother and his wife and two girls just moved here from New Mexico so that has been fun to get closer to them! But that has been our crazy and fun summer so far and sorry i don't have many pictures!
bryson fell in love with the backyardigans!

all the cousins playing at grandmas with the bubbles!

of course ice cream after we play with the bubbles!

not that bryson needs ice cream! both of his cousins there are older than him!

I think he is enjoying every bite!

July 16, 2008


okay i just wanted to give a shout out to shari because it is her bday! shotgun i hope you have a wonderful day and make howdy just rub your feet and take good care of you! (YA RIGHT... jk) i know this isn't the best picture, but it is the only one i have of you...i need to upload more of my pictures! but anyways, happy birthday i love you, my little shotgun shari! And let me to you all, that where her nickname came from i dont think i could ever tell...but it is a good one! haha love you shari!

July 6, 2008

Happy 4th of July

happy 4th of july to everyone, i hope it was a good one! we had so much fun, lots of family came down from thatcher from both ryan's family and also my parents came too. But im pretty sure they didn't come for me. They came just because my dad hadn't seen Bryson in two months. Whatever i used to be first priority! But we ate so much food and went swimming pretty much all day, and then they have this crazy cool fireworks show that is one of the biggest in AZ! It is always so fun to see! But it was so sad Bryson was so scared he was shaking. he would just hide his face in your neck and look every once in a while. he didn't know what to do but then he just fell asleep. I have no idea how he fell asleep, but he did!

i love you too bryna!

My dad with bryson before he was scared

my mom with bryson as he was so freaked out!
we brought the ear plugs for bryson but he wouldn't leave them in, i think my mom was glad.

All of us girls match every year. kinda fun tradition! And that is ryan's
cute grandpa, he is the cutest little man!

June 23, 2008

Summers are crazy!!!

okay, so last week Ryan's only sister, Bryna, got married! it was so fun to see her go through the temple and just be there at her wedding! I guess Tyler is a pretty cool kid (jk ty)! Im definitely going to miss that girl! I guess i don't have her all to myself anymore! love you bryna!

Then of course softball has been going on for ryan and his team, they just finished the tournament and beat the last years number one team by 30 and the championship game also won by ten run rule! It was alot of fun! can't you tell they just loved me taking the picture!
then last week also the day before bryna's wedding bryson decided to ride our dog like a horse and he fell off and hit his head on the sprinkler head and also on the edge of the concrete! poor bryson! so he looked so lovely for our family pictures! but of course he is back to normal being his crazy self! but he has gotten better with nursery! he only will cry for a minute and then is fine! so WAHOO!!!