April 1, 2011

T-Ball team Express!

Okay so definitely one of the cutest things in the entire world! Bryson is starting his first season of T-Ball and its hilarious! This was at his first game he was so excited for it! We had kids waving at parents (Bryson), the entire team running to each ball and dog pile on top, then playing keep away with it, then batting they would run the wrong direction (Bryson) because clearlywas to distracted from all the waving, then one kid just was done running to first and just layed down on the grass, and also the one little girl on the team (my niece:)) was tackling all the boys while going for the ball. Seriously it couldn't have been a more hilarious game to be at! Anyways, Ryan (Coach) was such a patient good sport about it and wasn't going crazy at all!

And all thes pictures are just random little moments of Bryson and Reece! They always are wanting me to take their pictures and im such a slacker and always forget or just don't! So here are a few of them recently being goofy together!

Clearly Reece doesn't know how to smile without it looking like she is saying cheese! She is a cheese ball for sure, so i guess it is fitting:) Anyways, its so cute because they play so so good together and its all the time! I will have to take more pictures because they build forts all the time, or Reece makes B and Ryan play Tea party, and so much more! But for now, here are my adorable little monsters!