October 31, 2008


yes i know that it has been forever since we have posted but things have been a bit crazy around here! we moved out of our very first home and back in with mom and dad! yes you may say that is moving backwards, but we are starting to build a house and for a while we are going to live with ryans parents, who have been way to nice to put up with us so far! we also went home to thatcher to see my family not to long ago and took bryson to the fair but i have no pictures because they just aren't working (will come later)! Bryson had fun watching all the weird people that show up to the fair and i got to ride all the rides because bryson was afraid of them! wahoo!
we also did the whole traditional carving "punkins" as bryson says and went to a pumpkin patch that he totally loved! he is so in love with punkins right now its cute! But that is really all that has gone on here, im sure we will update to show the sorry excuse of a costume i put together for bryson, because of my being such a slacker lately!! Anyways happy halloween to everyone!!!

okay so you can't really tell that it is a skull and cross bones, but lit up it looked cool!

and i just thought this was a funny picture of bryson with his cousin rylee! one they will hate later on! (perfect sensor bryson)