September 30, 2008


yes that is right, our house is SOLD and we am now homeless! jk we aren't homeless really! my wonderful inlaws are going to be very nice and let us live with them for the next few months while we build our house! I know what most of you are thinking, you have to be out of your mind to want to live with your inlaws, but seriously my inlaws are so fun and not crazy at all! well my mother in law is crazy just not bad crazy, shes fun crazy! So we are actually very excited to get moving and start our house! i shouldn't complain either our house was only on the market like 6ish months i think, so not to bad for this market! But i didn't think i would care to leave this house, but im gonna miss it! we brought bryson home here and its been a fun first home so i don't want to leave it but i guess there is no turning back now! We have to be out by oct. 15th really soon! wow i guess i should probably start packing, i just dont know where to start!

September 21, 2008

Football games and accidents!

i just realized i hadn't posted in a while, not a ton has gone on! ryan's little bro. has had football games just start up again and it has been so much fun taking bryson to watch! we made shirts with troys number on them and they look so cute all matching! They wouldn't really let me get a picture but oh well! And then a few days ago i was going to a kick boxing class and outside before we walked in bryson was playing around and fell and hit his mouth on a giant flower pot and got a huge hole inside his lip and chipped his two front teeth, thank heavens they aren't permanent because he looks a little hill billy! it looked so much worse than it was of course but i had blood all down half of my shirt and it looked like his teeth were gone(they were just red from blood:) it was crazy!

Bryson with his cousin Rylee actually getting along at the game!
the picture i took is hard to see but that was bryson showing me his teeth for the camera!

September 5, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

so every year we have the Haymore fam. Reunion up at their cabin! It is a really fun tradition because the kids love it and it is so nice to relax, ride quads and see so many of ryans cousins and family that we never really get to see! We always go up sat. through monday. And we go to church in Elfrida(the smallest place ever) and we triple their ward, they call it Haymore sunday. And Bryson loved it because he is old enough now that he really enjoyed playing with his cousins and being outside 24/7! Every time he would wake up from being asleep at night or for naps, he would make a quad noise,"brummm..brummm..." that is all he wanted to do is ride the quads! He is so crazy about them and im pretty sure he road about half the time we were there! This is our family after a really long and dirty weekend! here are a some pics of it!

He thought they were "bid apples"

Bryson with his cousins except the 2 babies!
(ignore how totally dirty he is)

They always have a pinata for the kids to destroy and
Bryson hit it a couple times and then kissed it!
I guess he is a lover not a fighter!

One of his thousands of quad rides!

These are his legs after the weekend! When we got home
i gave him a bath and kept washing his legs thinking it was dirt!
Nope just bruises!

And he loved all the babies up there! He loves to kiss babies!