February 3, 2009

What we have been up to!!!

I guess it has been a while since i last posted so i better catch up! Me and my two sister in laws took the kids to the Tucson Zoo! Im not a fan of Tucson (Boo Wildcats) but i actually do like this ONE thing about it! The Zoo is the perfect size for a toddler, before they have time to get bored or tired its over! Its a smaller zoo, and everything is right there, you don't have to walk to far to get to the next animal! Bryson loves going and it was so fun to go with the cousins, of course!!!

And right after Bryson was climbing the fence, he slipped and chipped his tooth......AGAIN! we are gonna look trailer before long if this keeps happening!

and here are all the kids....sort of! fighting over the chair for the picture! gotta love it!

And i just thought this was a cute picture, of Rylee and Bryson laying by Ryan! And of course Bryson being cheezy~

And then of course my FAVORITE........ we actually started our house finally i really haven't taken any most recent but this was a couple days ago. Im so excited, i really can't tell everything or really what i have pictured but i sure hope soon it starts looking like a house!

Wahoo we have plumbing!

And this was Manny, the nice guy that did our concrete he let B ride with him when we would go out there! Bryson was in HEAVEN!! I think he thinks the tractor comes with the house!

And so far what we have! well a few days ago!!!