November 16, 2007

Las Vegas

so last sunday was the first time i had ever left bryson overnight, and let me tell you i was the biggest wreck ever! i had mentally gotten completely ready for about a week that it was going to happen, and was really excited about it. but then sunday came and i didn't want to leave him at all. we had to meet my mom in willcox after church and my mom was going to take him back to thatcher until wednesday. he was so happy when we all pulled up and were getting ready to make the trade. he loves to go to grandmas to play with tom and steph. so they all left and we had to go back home with out bryson and it was so weird, i hated every second of it. and to make it all worse we got home and i realized that somehow my diamond had fallen out of my ring! it just wasn't the best day! anyways, we left the next morning and had so much fun, i still missed bryson, but i'm not gonna lie it wasn't as bad as i thought it was going to be! we had so much fun and were busy the entire time and i really didn't have time to think about it! we went to so many shows and saw so many weird and random people! we went to a cirque de soleil show and actually had to go on stage and be apart of it, that was really embarrassing, but fun! we got to watch the frontier hotel be imploded in the middle of the night, and that was so awesome! Then there was this man that was just standing on the side of the road with his birds, we walked past and looked at the birds and he was like okay, stay right there and get out your camera. so we did and he placed the birds on our arms

and heads, then as he was
about to take a picture he said, "okay by the way this will be a donation of 20 dollars, do you want me to take this picture of not?" what a punk, i know, but ryan the sucker he is gave him money
and we took the pictures. he was a really nice guy, he just gave us this big long speech about how poor he was, i just hate people that do that. we also got to see the one and only Hulk Hogan, and no lie, that is one really large man! it was cool to see him, but i didn't have my camera with me then because we had just gotten out of a show and it was late! but i said hi to him and he gave me a fist pound and that pretty much made my night! jk but it was pretty cool!
he was a really nice guy! but of course along with everything we did, i ate more that i have in my entire life all together in 3 days! they had some of the best food ever! definitely a really fun trip! oh and the last thing, was our unbelievable hotel room! we got this promotional thing, so our room was free, and let me tell you i understand why it was free because it was the biggest hole in the wall place ever! the outside didn't look to bad as you can see, but inside was scary, i made ryan check under the bed for a dead body just in case! it was bad! i guess i learned my lesson, to never trust a free room! but altogether it was so much fun!

November 8, 2007

Bryson is walking

so bryson is walking now, it has actually been about 2 weeks now and it is so funny to watch him! and, i know that everyone says, "no you don't want him to walk yet, he is just going to get into everything", and i just kept saying, well he is into everything anyways so he might as well be walking! NO.... i can't get one thing done anymore because by the time im done cleaning up one mess he is starting or finishing the next, he is into everything still just so much faster than i ever imagined! I really don't know how anyone has more than one child! Kudos to all of you that have tonz of kids, i just pray we make it to 2 or 3! just kidding i am being dramatic, but i really can't get anything done, all i wanted is one little picture of him walking and to get it on video and that was it, but now he won't stop walking! i guess i should have listened to everyone....maybe next time! and this isn't the best video of him, but it is going to have to work, sorry! and he isn't always naked, he had just got done playing with the dogs and was all wet and dirty so he stripped down! i won't lie though, he is the cutest little walker ever, all chubby!


HOPE IT IS A GREAT BIG SWEET 16 BIRTHDAY! i can't believe my little sis is 16, and thank heavens she can't get her liscence for another couple of weeks, because let me tell you if you didn't wear your seatbelts before, the fact that she is on the road is seriously enough reason for that! and really im not even being sarcastic, she is one of a kind when she drives, a true true blonde! I think that she gets that from our old babysitter maryann, and she can't deny that either! but anyways steph, happy birthday and we will have to celebrate together next time i come down! love you sis!

November 2, 2007


bryson was a skunk for halloween on wednesday and he was so dang cute! i thought that he would be the only one because well, its a skunk but ther were a few others! it was cute though! i know i am behind on my blogging but we were at a wedding all day thursday, so here i am!

well wednesday i hadn't tryed brysons outfit on him yet because i didn't want to fight him, but that night was huge! Bryson hates having clothes on anyways, and me trying to get his face painted and ryan trying to get his costume on was out of control! there was screaming and biting and everything else trying to get us to leave him alone, it was so funny! But at the end it was worth it because he looked so cute and actually loved wearing the costume! so anyways, our halloween was a lot of fun seeing the kids all dressed up, and even better were the crazy parents! It was fun!