June 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Reece!

I know everyone says it but It is crazy how fast they grow up! I can't believe my baby is one, and she is so much fun I can't even do her justice trying to tell you how much fun she is! She is so silly and loves to try and make you laugh. She gives these mean faces that are so funny, and then smiles when you start to laugh!
She has been my hard child totally on her own schedule and not a sleeper but I guess that just comes with the drama of a girl:) She has her Dad wrapped around her finger and will most of the time take him over me, unless she is tired! But she had a fun little birthday party with lots of family and friends here and we love her so much!

NO she isn't walking, she just conquered crawling at 11 months and is walking along anything she can because she doesn't really like to crawl, but maybe someday she will decide she wants to walk!

And this is her cake that the most talented Lisa Hatch made, and i loved it, it was as delicious as it was cute! I wish i could make cakes like this!

And im pretty sure Reece didn't smash the cake like she was supposed to. Her Brother and cousins were trying to show her and she just didn't want to. She did poke at it a little and take maybe a bite or two but that was it!

One of the many faces of Reece!

And Reece in her silly Birthday outfit that I love! I love having a little girl that is for sure! It makes up for all the tantrums and drama that come with it!
And for her year stats:
she weighs 19lbs ..20%
she is 26 inches long...5%
Gotta love my little sweet pea!

June 14, 2010


So this was a few months ago but we have a new addition to our family! As you can see B is in heaven, he loves puppies! His name is Bolt....yes from the movie how original but B named him.

We had a black Lab that Ryan had had since the fourth grade, 19 years old and he was a sweet hear, very protective of B and our family and he had to be put down a few months ago because he couldn't see or walk or anything. He would run into the wall, it was sad!

But now we have this new little monster, HIs name started out as Gilbert by the original owner and then it was Moose and now its Bolt! so we really liked him, then he started to bike and chew on everything and everyone, now i don't like him and he is afraid of me! But we hope it changes soon. We were so spoiled with our other dog Zach, he is a boxer!

And we also went to Ry's uncles wedding it was up at there families cabin and it was fun! Down the hill from the wedding festivities there is a creek that the kids love and of course here they are just about naked playing!:)

Awesome family pic with B in chonies!:) sweet

June 6, 2010

Memorial Day 2010

Okay, so a bit of a serious post but i just think that it is needed! Things that you just don't think will ever happen to you, "we watch our kids", or "I'm a safe driver", or "that wouldn't happen here". All things I have definitely said at one time or another when hearing about something happening in other places, or to other families! NOT THIS TIME!
So Memorial Day will forever have a little bit of a different meaning (although I'm very grateful for those who serve our country...love them)! We, like many families, were having a big BBQ at my in laws, swimming, having a good time with all our family . We ALWAYS have someone watching the pool, many parents counting heads and making sure finished swimmers were out of the gate and others were w/adults or wearing life jackets. When some went inside and a few left in the pool, my husband happened to swim to the other end of the pool where he saw our nephew looking down into the pool. He happened to look down to notice another nephew at the bottom. Nobody saw him fall in and we didn't know how long it had been! Very panicked he grabbed him, pulled him out onto the side of the pool, yelled to call 911 and my brother in law(an ER nurse) who thank heavens was there started CPR. Giving CPR for about 7 or 8 min, until he finally started to cry and get water out. Right then they gave him a blessing and the EMT's showed up and took him to the hospital who then flew him to Tucson for monitoring! It was the scariest most awful day I have ever experienced and the only reason for this post is because seeing that little boy being pulled out was terrifying and to think that could have been my child hurts my stomach! We can't just think this won't happen to us or that someone else is watching them! It is so dangerous to be lazy around the pool or swim lessons or life jackets! This is just a reminder that we need to be so careful!
Thank Heavens that sweet little boy is fine! It is a miracle for how long it went on for and how much water was in him, but he is back to complete normal and we thank Heavenly Father everyday that that day didn't turn out so much worse. He wasn't supposed to leave us that day and i think he has a special little mission here! We came to close to losing a sweet little four year old and I really hope that this will make everyone a little more careful around the water! PLEASE!