September 25, 2007

Out of control weekend in Thatcher!

So i was in good ol' thatcher last weekend because one of my best friends from high school was getting married there. i know what you're thinking, who the heck wants to get married in thatcher, it definitely is not the dream place for a wedding!! but seriously, it was the perfect wedding for my friend clay! his parents had set up this giant tent in his back yard, with an over sized red wagon on the side filled with mountains of bud light, and to the side of that was a big bar with more alcohol than i have ever seen in my entire life, i'm not even exaggerating, it was out of control! well all of this was set up next to the horse corrals and cotton fields which totally suits clay! so me and my cousin brandi came together because we didn't really know what to expect, this being our first non mormon wedding and all, but it was great! they both looked so nice! but the wedding wasn't the shocker! as soon as they said "i do," almost ever person there was drinking, and not very casually, we are talking a beer in both hands and not leaving the side of the huge red wagon! the reception was the funniest thing i have ever seen, i wish i had my video camera! clay's dad was so drunk he was in the middle of the dance floor making people be in a circle around him as he danced around! i thought any second he was going to fall over and pass out. brandi, megan and i just sat and laughed the entire time! but then i started thinking that this was why i always hate going to receptions, they are way more boring than this, maybe if someone spiked the punch we wouldn't hate going to receptions anymore! no i'm totally kidding but it was pretty dang funny!

September 16, 2007


this last weekend was kim (gilbert) tate's baby shower in chandler! all of us girls met up there. it had been since highschool that we had all been together and actually catch up. we all had so much fun and i swear we ate so much it was a blast! now almost all of us have baby's and everything is so much more crazy that we probably won't all be together again until megans baby shower...if she ever has one! hahaha... i think we have a scared her forever from having a baby!

September 10, 2007


so these are all my sisters in law and you don't even know that i am so lucky how much we all get along! we have so much fun together! So many of my friends, i guess i shouldn't name them, that can't stand there sisters in law and have such a hard time with them so i guess i should be so gratefull for all of you! only one lives here in sierra vista with me right now, but hopefully all of us will be here eventually, because as much as i like it here and am getting used to it, i just need all my girls here with me and it will be so much better! for sure ryan's brother garrick is moving home in about a year so there is definitly another one down and two more to go. Kara you better not bail on me now!


Haymore Family Reunion at the Cabin

this years haymore family reunion at the cabin was so fun! all of the little cousins got to play together during all of the games and also in the creek, it was so cute! and as much work as it was for us to take a baby to the mountains, we got to bring our quads, and bryson loved riding them. we also go to the nearest town, elfrida, for church on sunday and it is the smallest town ever. they call it haymore sunday every year when we come because we double the attendance of there normal ward, its so funny!