October 10, 2009

Sick Babies

Wow, so it has been a long month! It all started with Reece getting a runny nose four weeks ago! That started a cough a week later and she had such a fever! This lasted...and lasted...and lasted for FOUR WEEKS! We went to the doctor, got chest x-rays, work.....everything and all they say is it is a virus! That is fine but this whole being sick for a month is about to make me crazy lets be honest! But she has been fever free for two days and hopefully this is ending! OH and to top it off bryson got sick for about 24 hours (thank heavens thats all) and me and ryan both had it for a week! it was crazy to all be sick at the same time! But that is over and hopefully there won't be any more episodes!
But enough of that REECE IS FOUR MONTHS OLD! and 2 weeks
she is so fun and starting to get more active, playing with toys, and laughing.
she weighs: 12lbs 10 oz
23 inches long
right under the 50% mark.
she is just a short little chubby thing and i love it!
she didn't feel her best but we still had to take a picture! poor
Okay so today bryson comes to me with this shirt and says he is going to work on the farm and he needs his farm shirt on like grandpas! He is so into farming and tractors right now of course because of grandpa and its so funny! He was so serious about going to work and i made him take a picture and he wasn't to happy! And this is his hat he calls it his "cowbaboy hat" such a cutie!!