December 29, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

Wow 4 years really doesn't sound that long but I don't feel like we have been married that long! It has been great though! I don't have very many of my pictures because i don't have my computer, but here is a few pictures from the past few years! I can't believe we are going to have another baby here pretty soon, time flys and we have been so blessed through all of it! We are getting to build a house and we have a great family! I guess i really couldn't ask for anything else! I love you babe! Happy Anniversary!
it rained so hard our wedding day! So not very many of our pictures look to great but oh well! It was so cold! I guess it was worth it, even though i had my hair and makeup all washed off as soon as i walked outside!

Bryson sure was a chunk!


ok i guess this is a HAPPY BIRTHDAY RYAN, MERRY CHRISTMAS~ i know i am way behind on the blogging still but we are just going to have to deal with it! jk i will try. So to start we had Ryan's 27th birthday a week ago, poor guy so close to Christmas got squat from his wife! But we did go to dinner and had cake and all that even though he doesn't hardly eat sweets, it was fun, and i found the cutest video of him singing in a talent show when he was like nine, and if he wouldn't totally kill me i would post it!!! but HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY BABE I LOVE YOU!

and i guess this is the only pic. i got not the best

And then we had all of our Christmas festivities!! We had our cute little parade (that was freakin' 2 hours long) the kids loved the first hour! Bryson was amazed at the lights and everything it was funny to watch him get excited over really nothing at all!

of course we had to sit curbside or else the kids would have been in the parade!

Then we had our (soon to be) ward Christmas party and bryson on santas lap was so funny! He started to point to me to come and get him and then everyone started to laugh and he covered his face, like you can't see me. It was so funny, he is a crack up!

And then, i just thought this was a cute picture of Bryson and his cousin Rylee! They are watching the Backyardigans, and i was surprised they looked away at all for a pic!

And here are all of us girls at our finest, early Christmas morning! we always do the matchin Pj's! Ignore my extra weight, i promise i am pregnant not just fat!

We went to Thatcher the day after christmas and on Saturday we woke up to snow on the ground and everything it was way cool! So we went to the mountains to play and I think Bryson looks like the kid off the Christmas story! I love it! It was fun, but way cold!

And here is B and steph trying to stay warm! AZ wimps! jk i am too!

December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving and Bryson's Birthday!


It has been one eventful Thanksgiving! We had most of my moms side of the fam. at my uncles house. It was fun to see family that we hadn't seen in a while and some that we hadnt seen since Bryson was a newborn so that was really fun! No we didn't do any of Black Friday but lots of cousins did and it sounds like way to much work for me. Maybe some day I will actually plan it all out! Then friday was my best friends baby shower and it was so much fun, it was like a high school reunion! All of our friends were there and we hadn't all been together in forever! Then Ryan left friday to go hunting and i stayed in thatcher because Brysons Birthday was saturday! I can't believe my baby is two and he got some cute things im sure that he didn't need! And i guess i need to post it that bryson is going to be a big brother! We are excited, a little nervous but i guess bryson can't stay an only child forever! Hopefully it is a boy and that would make life a little easier! But if anyone has any advice on number 2 that would be lovely, i can't imagine dealing with more than one, i don't exactly adjust very well to new things! But anyways, bryson had two birthday parties, one in thatcher (i didn't get any pics because i misplaced my camera for a while!) and one here in Sierra Vista with his cousins, it was so much fun for him!!! But i hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving and i can't believe that we are actually getting ready for Christmas....Crazy!!!

Megans Baby shower so fun!

i just thoght this was a funny pic! we were on a walk and the kids didn't want to be in the strollers any more! so they ran like a 1/2 mile! crazy!