February 15, 2011

Christmas/ New Years

Ok so this is totally not in order but whatever its getting posted and that is all that matters! So We went up to my parents Cabin after christmas for a few days over New Years! It was so crazy getting there, we drove probably 2/3 of the way in a blizzard! We drove like 40 miles an hour if that the entire way getting there pretty late. Our truck doesn't have 4x4 so that made it even more exciting, and we actually made it there with out getting stuck....up until my parents drive way which doesn't get grated. So yes there was over 3 feet of snow that we attempted to drive thru and failed big time! But thank heavens we could run to the cabin and not completely freeze to death! So after that, it was so beautiful, snow everywhere up to your waist and so quiet.....once the blizzard was over! We went snowboarding/skiing one of the days we were there and that was so fun, and something i hadn't done in years. But once again a little scary because it was still snowing like crazy so going down the mountain you couldn't see anything in front of you, it was totally white! Makes it so much more challenging, and so fun! Anyways, the last day we were packing up to head home and the sun finally came out and the kids could play out side. B loved the ice he wanted to eat it!

Both extremely attractive pictures of the kids:) Reece would say over and over again "snow, snow" she ate some many cups of snow it was so cute! And no not yellow snow!

My Dad got this awesome john deere tractor for christmas and B was in heaven! He loves this kind of stuff, and it was 2 degrees outside and he still wanted to be outside riding it!

And this was Christmas!
Christmas was so so much fun this year, his favorite movies were Polar Express, and the Grinch, and Santas Buddies! B was so excited Christmas Eve he of course had a hard time falling asleep! He made sure the cookies were left out, and of course Reindeer food outside and glitter so they knew where to find us!
So Christmas morning me and Ry were so excited we couldn't wait any longer for the kids to get up, it was like eight o'clock. So Ry went down by Bryson's bedroom and hit the wall kind of and said Ho HO HO... and then ran back to our bedroom and seconds later he comes running down to us saying he heard Santa! So of course he saw all of his stuff, and kept saying over and over again, "Oh my gosh, this is AWESOME" and " i love Santa so much"! It was so fun!
So this is Reece in her Awesome ASU cheer outfit from Gma and Gpa Farmer
and then of course Christmas dress pictures, and pictures from our ward christmas party!

Arent these two just the cutest kids you have ever seen! Reece constantly says cheese every time she sees a camera, hence the weird smile! She is a doll though!

And this was the best picture i got of B with santa, he wouldn't stop for the camera, just kept telling him about the four wheeler and Tractor he wanted for christmas (dream big kid)

And this is Christmas day, with Breky who she absolutely loves, it is so dang cute!
And below is after christmas, my father in law got a hand gun (not pictured) and wanted to practice with it. Its fun to go shoot all the guns, and B loves it too...once he gets past the noise:)!

And this is christmas day in his new Pj's from Gma and Gpa. And in his mini helmet that clearly doesn't fit because he has an adult size head! We call him "HEED" such a cute kid! love him

More Christmas morning pictures, and that train Bryson is holding was his most favorite present of the day, and the only thing he played with the whole day!

Reece loved this coat Santa got her and used it as a blanket!

And when Reece opened her outfit, she just hugged it like it was so precious! She is just so smart..I wonder where she gets it from :)

That ends Christmas!
So now a few weeks ago my adorable sister in law Leah with her adorably amazing camera came and took some pictures of the kids! It was so funny to watch and so fun!

Reece is not always a fan of her bro always kissing her!

And i love this kid like crazy!! And he drives me crazy a lot but he is the best little boy ever! Such a sweet, caring, loving, tough little boy!

And this is my precious Reece, who is so funny, and sassy, and always trying to make you laugh! She is a crack up!