March 18, 2008


so im not sure who came up with the terrible twos because im pretty sure it starts at one! a few days ago bryson was playing in his bedroom so i decided to go get ready without him making a mess in my bathroom. it had only been a few minutes and i couldn't hear him playing any more, so i walked back to his room and he wasn't there, i could hear him in the other bathroom and i walked in and he had destroyed an entire roll of toilet paper in the toilet, tub, floor, everywhere and in the guest bedroom! this kid just looks for ways to destroy something! seriously this usually wouldn't bother me, but the day before he had busted 2 new bottles of nail polish all over my bathroom floor! HOT PINK and RED!!!!! so now my bathroom, that is trying to be sold, has a cute pink tinted grout and tile! i have now learned to count to ten, get my camera, take a picture and then clean it up. by then i am just laughing at him! but i have decided that maybe he is just getting a head start on being a terrorist and will be an angel at 2.....haha ya right!