May 12, 2008


okay so i actually really like this tag, i am supposed to list 7 things i love about bryson! i could probably list so many more but we will stick with 7!


i love that this kid can always make me laugh! I can be in the middle of being upset with him and he will lean his head to the side make the cutest little face and smile and start laughing until i laugh! he loves attention!

i love that he loves to play with his cousins! that makes his day anytime to see his cousins, im glad that they are so close!

I love every single roll on this kid! he is the chunkiest thing and i love it! it has become part of his personality and i wouldn't have it any other way! i hope he always keeps these rolls! :)


i love that he loves his dad! when ryan is home all bryson wants to do is follow him around and do exactly what he is doing! and im not gonna lie, it is really nice for me when he does!


i love that he is just the cutest boy ever! no one can argue that one either!
I love that he has been the best baby since he was born! i was so lucky, he slept through the night at like 4 weeks old and always was so happy! i guess that is what they say about big babies, they are happy.
7. I love that he is my baby boy! .... well i guess he really isn't a baby any more! but i just love him! he is the best kid in the world!

May 5, 2008


okay so may 3rd was my best friend megans birthday! i know this is a tad late but i haven't had a chance to get on here! we have been best friends for as long as i can remember, this picture is me and her on the first day of 1st grade and we were bff's long before that! we used to have our birthday parties together because we are only 10 days and one minute apart, it has been so great to have such an amazing best friend i just love you to death meggers! i hope your birthday was awesome! i will come celebrate with you soon!