April 17, 2008


so last weekend was my mother in law, DelAnn's 50th birthday and we had a huge surprise party for her. it was so much fun, we dressed up 70's style and just had a blast! her family and friends came and my brother in law and sister in law came from New Mexico and everything ! I think she was surprised but she could be a really good fake too jk! then on sunday was bryson's cousin, Rylee's birthday so we just partied all weekend! it was fun for the kids to play together and just catch up with the fam. after such a crazy weekend! and by the way, coolest cake ever... i know! no i didn't make it a very talented lisa hatch in my ward made that and she is amazing! and it tastes as good if not better than it looks!

April 10, 2008

a crazy couple of weeks

so it all started when poor bryson could not stop coughing, he sounded like a crazy smoker it was so bad! so after a week of coughing and runny nose and everything we went to the doc. and found out that we now had our first ear infection! before we knew what was wrong i just figured he was going through and crazy stage of throwing fits and being grouchy! lets just say thank heavens for amoxicillin! i just figured that he would be perfect in a couple of days after starting it, but let me tell you that stuff gave him the trots for like a week, like i have never seen before! finally that is over
and he is back to his loving self hang out with cousins and bein goofy!