October 11, 2007



this time of the year is definitely my favorite! it is just starting to get cool and that means that the holidays are coming! but even better than that is that ASU football season has started! i know i am behind, that is has been going since beginning of September, but i am so proud of my little devils i just want to cry! i hate not being able to go to every game anymore like the days when i lived in mesa, and my other family (the larson clan) would take me and show me how we rock the games! it never failed one of the larson brothers would always start a little fight with the visitors, because we liked to sit next to them, and then the others would always jump in to help! I just love you guys! but watching it on tv is going ok! I love ASU football, and what makes it even better than just ASU football, is that U of A is loosing and they are just sucking it up ever weekend! I am the proudest little mom of my boys this season and i can't wait until the great day of December 1st when we are gonna kill the wildcats!