December 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Ryan

Happy happy birthday RY RY! We love you big 28!

(no i can't keep clothes on Bryson even when its freezing cold)

You are such a good husband and dad, we love all the hard work you do and we really appreciate you!!
love you fam!

Christmas Party!

We had our ward Christmas party and all day I got to bribe Bryson with "if you want to see Santa and sit on his lap your better take a nap!.....or be good" and it worked like a charm. Last year he was terrified it never worked but he was so cute this year. He was good and listened to the program and ate dinner and then the big moment! SANTA.....he was like first in line thanks to my crazy sister in law who cut all the small children:) ha ha and he sat up there and Santa gave his line and bryson whispered in his ear......"a big green tractor" so adorable and of course so bryson! He loves tractors and that song big green tractor! Anyways it was a fun little party.

ANd baBy tRoY...Gone
foR tWo yEarS!

We had to say goodbye to our baby troy last wed. he left to the MTC. He is going to Brazil and its crazy that he is gone, He seems to young! Troy is Ryan's youngest brother out of six kids and is such a sweet heart! Bryson will be five when he gets home and Reece 2 1/2! Crazy to think how fast that goes! But he will do a great job!

November 30, 2009

happy birthday B

Yesterday November 29th was my little boys 3rd birthday! And I know that everyone always says this, and i always role my eyes but really it was like yesterday that i was hating my life being fat and 8 months prego when i had him! Yet I forgot so much because I obviously have another little one! That of course we all love:) But time goes by so fast and now he is so much fun, and is so grown up I love it but i hate it because that just means he is getting older, and in two years will be in school and then of course soon after will be embarrassed of his parents! But anyways we just had a little cake and ice cream at "Grandma Dewan's" house and he opened his presents! We also had a little party with my parents friday because they were here for a couple days so of course we had to have two parties!
But right now he loves tractors so much! My dad brings him tractor magazines like auto trader but tractors and he can tell you what kind every tractor is almost by name and just will look at it for hours! He is so funny, if you ask him what he wants to be a baseball player or a farmer he will tell you a farmer! He always wants to go work on the farm, it is so cute!
And of course he loves his cute little sister! He just adores her and i love it! So buddy happy birthday we love you B!!

B with some of his cousins trying to get the toys out of the boxes

Singing happy birthday is one of his favorite things
he loves to sing!

My supper cool sister in law, she is a little weird!
jk she must have played with my camera and this is what i found!
muahahaha thanks for that sexy picture bryna! i love you:)

November 21, 2009

My Baby !

So really she isn't six months until tues, but she was in such a good mood yesterday we were playing around in some of her dress up clothes! Because anyone who knows me knows i love to dress up, so of course my little needs the coolest dress up clothes to play with when she is older! So anyways, i thought she was just so dang cute, and i can't believe that she is already so old, and so much fun! We love her so much and she has the cutest little personality. I love that Bryson loves her so much and is so protective of her! He always tells me "mom be careful, baby Reece is so small you might hurt her!" He is adorable! well here are just some fun pictures i thought were cute! and i want you to be the judge if you think they look alike at all!
And by the way its okay i know that i have the cutest kids in the WORLD!

November 7, 2009

happy halloween

So this is late and i am slacking because my camera is so cool and really nice (NOT) and works all the time and takes great pictures! Actually i feel like a Grandma trying to get it to turn on, not because i don't know how, but because it is a piece of "work"! Anyways, So Halloween was fun, Bryson was a cowboy (because he has an opinion now and wont be anything else probably ever!) and Reece was my little pumpkin and they were so cute! But when we got home and realized we didn't have any pictures we tried to get B in his again and he didn't want to so this is what we got, half of it!:)
We did the whole pumpkin carving thing but way way to early and they died like three weeks ago! So anyways that was our Halloween maybe next year i will do better in getting in to it!
And once again it has been another month and Reece is now 5 months old!
It is going so fast and she is getting so chubby and cute! I love it. She is starting to roll to get places or just scoot! It is cute, and im pretty sure she loves Bryson more than anyone or anything it is so adorable and he just loves her, He refers to her as "Precious" or "little princess"
I guess that is what we get when his best bud is a ! But here are a few pictures of last Sunday Ry reading to the kiddos! Oh and i will try to post again before she is 6 months old!:) no promises
Cheer up Ry~ jk

October 10, 2009

Sick Babies

Wow, so it has been a long month! It all started with Reece getting a runny nose four weeks ago! That started a cough a week later and she had such a fever! This lasted...and lasted...and lasted for FOUR WEEKS! We went to the doctor, got chest x-rays, work.....everything and all they say is it is a virus! That is fine but this whole being sick for a month is about to make me crazy lets be honest! But she has been fever free for two days and hopefully this is ending! OH and to top it off bryson got sick for about 24 hours (thank heavens thats all) and me and ryan both had it for a week! it was crazy to all be sick at the same time! But that is over and hopefully there won't be any more episodes!
But enough of that REECE IS FOUR MONTHS OLD! and 2 weeks
she is so fun and starting to get more active, playing with toys, and laughing.
she weighs: 12lbs 10 oz
23 inches long
right under the 50% mark.
she is just a short little chubby thing and i love it!
she didn't feel her best but we still had to take a picture! poor
Okay so today bryson comes to me with this shirt and says he is going to work on the farm and he needs his farm shirt on like grandpas! He is so into farming and tractors right now of course because of grandpa and its so funny! He was so serious about going to work and i made him take a picture and he wasn't to happy! And this is his hat he calls it his "cowbaboy hat" such a cutie!!

September 15, 2009

WARNING : lots of pictures!

vegas baby!!!

yes we were so lucky to get away for a few days to las vegas!
It was for Ryan's brothers 30TH birthday so we went to celebrate with Garrick and Kara, it was so much fun! The first night we were there we were going to a show at the very end of the strip and we were staying at the complete opposite end of the strip and we decided it would be fun to walk the whole thing! Wow.....dumbest thing i have ever done, but i guess it was fun! We were trying to make a show so we pretty much ran like 3 miles to get to the end after a while.... so funny! And by the way the Chris Angel show with cirque du soleil was so stupid i don't recommend it, chris angel is a retard! Anyways, it was a fun trip!~

This was on Fremont Street.....such a cool little place, and every hour they had a light show and a few different bands playing, it was really fun!!! Oh and by the way, we went to this comedy club and it was the funniest show ever, it was such a cheap show, but by far the best stand up show ever! (this is a really bad picture, my camera is really crappy!)

so moving on........
Reece is 3 and 1/2 months old!

She is my little chunky sweetheart!!! And she actually looks way bigger than she is!
She is just really chubby, but very small! She is my little shrimp. She smiles all the time until the camera is in front of her, she ALWAYS wants you to talk to her, and she laughs so much too! And just two days ago she rolled over 2 times so i guess that means she is growing up!!!

and this is how i find bryson most of the time! He always wants to lay by her or hug her or kiss her or just be right in her face talking to her! He loves to be the big brother and help her ALL THE TIME! he is such a sweet boy, he gets me through the day......cute boy!

and finally...........
the annual labor day cabin trip!

it was quite the adventure with a three month old, but it was a lot of fun to see everyone....most everyone! It was deffinitely different without Grandma and Grandpa Haymore there, but they are on there mission in Nauvoo! we missed you guys!! Well Bryson once again was on the quads all day everyday, and i don't think i saw he or Ryan most of the weekend but they had fun! Im sure Reece will have fun next year when she can run around! Well i think that wraps it up for now, but i still have a lot to catch up on so till next time!!!!! peace

Yes that is bryson with a mouth full of candy from the pinata!

August 19, 2009

In Memory...

of a truly amazing husband, father, friend and servant of our Heavenly Father.

My dear friend's husband, Kameron Haban, passed away this morning at 10am after a long and difficult fight with Lupus. Kameron was a generous, loving and incredible person. His wife, Jami, is a strong, faithful and just plain amazing woman who has been such a rock through this whole trial. His son, Kason, is a 2 1/2 year old who is so sweet, soft-spoken and tender-hearted. Jami and Kason are now left on this earth without their sweet husband and father. While they know they WILL be reunited with him, they are need of thoughts and prayers. I would also like to make a plea to everyone to help support this family in another way. We just opened up an account in their behalf yesterday. Anybody can go to any Bank of America branch and ask to make a donation to the account under JamiLynn Haban for the benefit of Kameron Haban -OR- you could also make an online donation at then send a donation to Please know that I would never ask this of you if it wasn't something that I truly believed in and something and someone that is in true need. Thank you so much to everyone for their support and love.

If you would like more information on the family, you are welcome to check out her blog where she has been documenting her experience. It is a detailed and heart-felt blog that is sure to touch your heart. The address is
Thanks again. Much love to you all

August 13, 2009

B is officially potty TRAINED!

to start off I gotta give a shout out to the brothers. Sambo Rambo is a big 26 today And Willis turned 21 on monday! Happy Birthday brothers!

This was the most recent one i had of Sam and i don't have one of Willis sorry buddy!
looks like i need to update my pictures!
but look how young B cute and !


Okay so this is my favorite 2 year old boy ever! He is so cute in his chonies and did so good potty training, he got it down in like 2 full days he was such a champ! He would get so proud of himself when he goes to the bathroom all by himself! He will yell through the house I did it i did it! It is so cute, and it has been over a week and a half and he still gets so excited, i love it! And by the way whoever said potty training is a nightmare.....ya big baby this was so easy! jk Great now Reece is going to be so hard!

But he is just such a sweet heart! Today since it was raining (its about time) i promised to take him to the playground if he was good at the gym and he was so good so we went to the mall to play and eat lunch, and on our way home of course i was jamming out in the car getting really excited about nap time and Bryson yells at me to "turn the music down" and says , "thanks mom for taking me to the payground" and i said oh buddy your welcome i love you bud! And he said, "I know mom and i love you!" He has all of the sudden gotten so old and big now that he is a big brother and i love it but that he is growing up so fast now!

I was just thinking that now that he is potty trained this is the end of him really being my baby, he is a big boy and wants to go to preschool so bad its not funny! He is hearing about all the other kids going and wants to so bad....poor guy wont be three until November! But anyways, i just had to brag about how sweet my little boy is!

we have been landscaping so he wants to work in his boots but, he takes all of his clothes off to go to the bathroom, i just thought this was a cute pic!

August 6, 2009

Our Baby girls Blessing Day!

So sunday we blessed Reece, and it was such a sweet day! Our church is at 8:00 and we had never been on we were up at 6:00 trying hard to get there. And let me tell you it made the entire day totally different because i didn't feel rushed and stressed! It was one of the best sundays I have had. So it started off great then we got to our ward where let me tell you the whole ward is like the cry section, there are so many kids and babies that never really had bothered me until sunday! Can i just say i didn't even hear one word of the blessing not her name nothing! For all I know her name might not be Reece! I tried so hard to listen and hear something but the mic was so low and the kids were way loud! It was fine I actually had to calm myself down at first because I was so annoyed and then I could actually feel the spirit! So It ended up being great even though i have no idea what was said, it was still a very sweet day! And we were so lucky enough to share the day with Bryna and Tyler and there cute little baby Cole! It was fun to have it done together.

Not the best picture of Reece but i needed one of her and her daddy

Me and my pops

this is my and Ryan's Grandpa's together

and our Grandma's together! THey both lived in thatcher

together and were great friends! They are so cute together

August 1, 2009

So many things to update on!

okay so i know i am the worst about keeping updated lately, but things just are crazy trying to get the house together still and working on the yards......well Ryan working on the yards! Okay so start at the beginning, the fourth of july was a blast here. We had lots of fun, had a BBQ and swam and watched the fireworks! I must say our firework show is by far the best ever.

Bryna and Tyler came down and there little boy Cole is 2 1/2 weeks younger than reece. It is fun to have them around and i can't wait for the babies to get older and play together!

And the other picture is Bryson so terrified of the fireworks that he didn't even look at them, he s it so bad! Poor guy! But he sure loves is little sister it is so cute!

and Bryson is so in love with tractors its funny! We are doing our backyard and he is loving the tractor here. And i promise i will eventually post pics of the house when i actually get it together! We are getting there.
And this is our precious 2 month old! I cant believe its going by this fast already.
she smiles all the time and has been for a while now since the 4th of july. She is so sweet and loves me so much that she sleeps all night long till like 7:30 its amazing! We are having so much fun with her!

2 months old

June 26, 2009

One month old already!

I can't believe my baby is already one month old! I have really been loving the newborn stage this time. I didn't really get to enjoy it with Bryson so i am trying to enjoy it with Reece! We absolutely love her she is so perfect and sweet! It is weird to think that I actually have to kids now but it is the best thing ever and Bryson has been just a sweet big brother with her! He doesn't even want me to touch her things that he brings her, it is so cute! He will say NO..that is baby Reece's don't touch mom! He is so cute with her and has never tried to me rough so far (knock on wood)! But i just thought maybe I should update that we are still alive and everything is going great! I love having a little girl to even things out around here! No more tractors and trucks we are all about tutu's and pink! Bring it on!

June 3, 2009

Baby Reece Haymore

So I know i have a lot to catch up on but my computer is not working after being in storage for 8 months and so i am posting at my inlaws! Anyways, yes we had our sweet baby girl Reece Haymore on may 26th at 4:42 pm! I had my checkup that day and the doc walked in and said can you meet me in an hour at the hospital to be enduced, i said heck yes i can and he broke my water at 12:45 and we started pushing at 4:35 (not that everyone wants to know that) but for documenting purposes there you have it! She is so perfect and we just love her! She weighed 7lbs 10oz and was 19 1/2 inches long!

Here she is brand new!
Im not gonna lie, hospital pics of
babies just aren't that cute! But she
really is so so beautiful!!

Our first fam. picture!

One week old and still perfect!

And of course the proud big brother that
loves her so dang much! Its so cute how
protective he already is! He hasn't been
mean at all to her!