February 28, 2008

in loving memory of "THE MANSION"

Growing up in Thatcher and going to college there we had our multiple hang outs and different gathering spots that everyone loved to go hang out at! Most of these places were out in the middle of the desert so we could have bon fires and what not! but this one was by far one of the most fun to go to! It was i believe the old Rolling Stones Mansion and it had a natural hot springs and an olympic size swimming pool and was such a beautiful huge mansion, and i can't even count how many pima paloozas we went to there, just so many memories! But what made it fun was that we would go so late at night and there was this man that stayed in a small trailer close by that would guard it. So we would park so far away because the road was locked, and sneak up to the mansion. And once we were far past the trailer we would go swim and hang out! But the man in the trailer was so mean and if he heard people try to sneak by, he would actually shoot, probably up in the air, but at midnight you get all worked up and it is so scary! But to get to the point, last weekend it totally burnt down and is gone! I couldn't believe it, and any of you that have ever lived in thatcher, have probably been to this mansion and know what i'm talking about! But i guess we have to say goodbye to The beloved Mansion!

oh and by the way this picture is of maybe 1/10th of it now, the only part still standing!

February 21, 2008

Glenn Beck on Gordon B. Hinckley

So i know it has been a little while, and i really enjoyed looking at everyones tributes to Pres. Hinckley, but this was emailed to me and i thought that it was so sweet and sincere and wanted to share it! I totally agree with him too, i never was able to meet Pres. Hinckley but he was such a perfect man. He truly taught by example and we should all try to be more like he was!

February 4, 2008

Yes... TAG im it!

so we have to post the rules at the top. answer the questions and at the end of yours you have to pick five new people to tag and leave them a comment to tell them they have been tagged!

5 things i was doing ten years ago!

wow! ten years ago i was 12 years old and proud of it. im guessing i was in 7th grade and boy crazy! we had these random nicknames for the boys we liked, like watermelon so lame! and one of my best friends had just moved to thatcher....Leticia Burrego! she was the coolest girl ever, totally different and i loved her! crazy thing last time i saw her she stopped shaving and was going to a rainbow camp thing! funny girl love her!

5 things on my todo list!

where do i begin!
fold laundry, clean base boards, re-organize closets, through junk away that i haven't used in over 2 years that i probably won't miss, and grocery shop( i hate going to the grocery store, i'd rather go to the dentist!)

5 snacks i enjoy

i love popcorn with skittles, crackers with cheese, jelly belly's, ice cream and dr. pepper/ pepsi with crushed ice mmmmm....favorite! pretty much all guilty pleasures!... oh and i love french fries....when i was pregnant i would crave them like crazy and get a burger from wendys and get fries from burger king because they have the best fries ever!

5 things i would do if i were a billionaire

if i were a billionaire i would travel to really poor areas in the world and try to help bring food or clothes and books or anything to them !
i would have no house payment, i would adopt kids( not that i have to be a billionaire, i would just want to makes sure we had plenty for them), i would become a pilot and buy my oun plane, and i would have a house in so many different places that i could see the world!

3 bad habits

when bryson takes a nap i like to sit on the couch to watch my recorded shows instead of clean, i snack all day long, and i pick at my nail polish until it is gone!

5 places i have lived

1. thatcher, az
2. summer in san diego, CA that counts im sure!
3. mesa, AZ
4. Sierra Vista, AZ
5. umm.... thats it!

5 jobs i have had

my first job was on the farm...and my dad fired me after maybe a month because he caught me and the crew in the canal swimming
i worked at El charro
i worked at the dorms at EAC where i met ryry!
i was a nanny
i worked at Buena High School as the receptionist!

5 things people don't know about me

i really don't know that there is a whole lot people don't know about me......
i love to go to the gym ( this is a new love!)
i took violin lessons for almost 12 years...i should really dust that bad boy off!
i am afraid of new born babies
i have extremely bad road rage!!!
and i really want to go hunting and shoot a huge elk someday!

okay you all are tagged!
Kara, Erin, Marlee, Maryann and amanda

February 3, 2008

sick baby = no blogging!

so this month has really not been the best! it seems like bryson has been sick or getting over being sick forever! poor kid all he wants, is to be held or go outside to play with the dogs and of course it is just way to cold to be outside when he is sick so he is just so unhappy....poor bryson! but besides being sick we have been trying to get our house ready to put up for sale. i don't know why considering the market but whatever we are in no hurry! but we did have our first person come to look at it and it made me realize that i really don't want it to happen to fast because i really like my ward we are in and how close to the gym we are and everything so i got really nervous the other day! So before bryson started not feeling good we did go back to thatcher so see the fam. and to see my brother because he decided to move to utah and we wouldn't see him for a while! but it was fun we got to see friends i hadn't seen in a while! And bryson had a fun with grandpa, this is probably why he is sick, but my dad can't resist taking him out with him! they have a blast together! i will start doing better on updating the blog soon! .......... okay i know this is random but i just looked outside because it is crazy windy and it is snowing! hopefully it will stay so i can show pictures! this is it so far ......jk this was actually last year but it really is snowing!