March 23, 2010

How we begin our day.......

and then how it ends!.........shortly after Reece is dressed and ready for the day she decides that she doesn't want to wear any accessories, and this is what happens! Its a battle i am willing to keep fighting for the sake of SHE's NOT A BOY! Ears pierced wearing pink .....i don't know maybe its that chubby face! Some people! Im kidding i don't really care that much, but it does drive me crazy some!:)

And these two pictures of Bryson just crack me up! I was doing dishes the other day and kept telling him to go play with her and make her laugh (because that is the only way i can get something done is if he entertains her) and i finally get in there to see what he was doing and he had these on, and he thought they were so funny! Anyways just thought you could have a nice laugh!

March 18, 2010

Happy St. Patty's Day

happy st. pattys day to everyone! I hope it was a fun day, we didn't do anything because poor B had pink eye and became allergic to the drops and so its been a lovely week, therefore one child in the picture in her green because its so sad to see, but B can't even open his eyes! I have officially felt what it would be like to have a blind child. Really, he hasn't opened his eyes in 24 hours and let me tell you wow! I give it to anyone with a child with any disability. But anyways, happy st. patricks day!

Oh i have to tell about this picture really fast. So Reece's new thing is to do this snort like sniff. its hilarious she breaths really loud and fast and makes this crazy face that Ry taught her and its adorable! I just had to get a pic of it, but i really need a video maybe someday:)