November 30, 2009

happy birthday B

Yesterday November 29th was my little boys 3rd birthday! And I know that everyone always says this, and i always role my eyes but really it was like yesterday that i was hating my life being fat and 8 months prego when i had him! Yet I forgot so much because I obviously have another little one! That of course we all love:) But time goes by so fast and now he is so much fun, and is so grown up I love it but i hate it because that just means he is getting older, and in two years will be in school and then of course soon after will be embarrassed of his parents! But anyways we just had a little cake and ice cream at "Grandma Dewan's" house and he opened his presents! We also had a little party with my parents friday because they were here for a couple days so of course we had to have two parties!
But right now he loves tractors so much! My dad brings him tractor magazines like auto trader but tractors and he can tell you what kind every tractor is almost by name and just will look at it for hours! He is so funny, if you ask him what he wants to be a baseball player or a farmer he will tell you a farmer! He always wants to go work on the farm, it is so cute!
And of course he loves his cute little sister! He just adores her and i love it! So buddy happy birthday we love you B!!

B with some of his cousins trying to get the toys out of the boxes

Singing happy birthday is one of his favorite things
he loves to sing!

My supper cool sister in law, she is a little weird!
jk she must have played with my camera and this is what i found!
muahahaha thanks for that sexy picture bryna! i love you:)

November 21, 2009

My Baby !

So really she isn't six months until tues, but she was in such a good mood yesterday we were playing around in some of her dress up clothes! Because anyone who knows me knows i love to dress up, so of course my little needs the coolest dress up clothes to play with when she is older! So anyways, i thought she was just so dang cute, and i can't believe that she is already so old, and so much fun! We love her so much and she has the cutest little personality. I love that Bryson loves her so much and is so protective of her! He always tells me "mom be careful, baby Reece is so small you might hurt her!" He is adorable! well here are just some fun pictures i thought were cute! and i want you to be the judge if you think they look alike at all!
And by the way its okay i know that i have the cutest kids in the WORLD!

November 7, 2009

happy halloween

So this is late and i am slacking because my camera is so cool and really nice (NOT) and works all the time and takes great pictures! Actually i feel like a Grandma trying to get it to turn on, not because i don't know how, but because it is a piece of "work"! Anyways, So Halloween was fun, Bryson was a cowboy (because he has an opinion now and wont be anything else probably ever!) and Reece was my little pumpkin and they were so cute! But when we got home and realized we didn't have any pictures we tried to get B in his again and he didn't want to so this is what we got, half of it!:)
We did the whole pumpkin carving thing but way way to early and they died like three weeks ago! So anyways that was our Halloween maybe next year i will do better in getting in to it!
And once again it has been another month and Reece is now 5 months old!
It is going so fast and she is getting so chubby and cute! I love it. She is starting to roll to get places or just scoot! It is cute, and im pretty sure she loves Bryson more than anyone or anything it is so adorable and he just loves her, He refers to her as "Precious" or "little princess"
I guess that is what we get when his best bud is a ! But here are a few pictures of last Sunday Ry reading to the kiddos! Oh and i will try to post again before she is 6 months old!:) no promises
Cheer up Ry~ jk