May 15, 2009

Sammy got hitched!

So our little sammy got married! It was so fun to be at his wedding and all the festivities, i was a little nervous going because last weekend i was 37 weeks and that is how far along i was when i delivered Bryson! So anyways, we made it through the wedding and still here a week later which is great! The wedding was so nice and Amber looked so dang gorgeous, so i must say he did great on that pick! No need to have an ugly sister in law! jk we love her!

So here is a pic from the wedding, i am so lame and didn't take any pictures the whole time. But here is the pic and i don't want to hear anything about how huge i am because i know, and i didn't have anything that fit to wear and my feet were swollen so these are the only shoes that fit that night as well so lay off!

And it has been so fun to finally get to start swimming! The wind isn't blowing anymore and it is so dang hot all day that the pool has been really nice to have here, and Bryson loves it, he is turning into a little fish! This kid cruises around the pool forever and just swims everywhere its so cute!
And last of all our house is finished i will have to post pictures to update soon, but that will be my excuse for not posting for so long because for some reason i am OCD and feel like it needs to stay some what clean during this crazy process! But we will start moving in today and i am so excited, because im not gonna lie i love the house and am so excited! And i plan on putting myself into labor now! i have stayed pretty chill until now hoping not to go into labor until after we were moved. So far so good!