August 21, 2008


okay i know that some of you are crazy and didn't like the book, but wow i loved it! no im totally kidding, everyone has different opinions but it was everything i was expecting and more! i know it was a bit predictable, but what love story isn't!? So if you would like to tell me how you felt about the book i would love to know what everone thought of it! And i know it took me a while to be done with this book , but i had to read the 2nd and third books again to really get caught up with everything, and really get in the mood, and it totally did that! i was so into this book as i read, it was crazy!!!!

August 11, 2008

Summer is already gone!

okay so i have no idea where the summer went, but it went by so fast! i just had realized that i didn't take very many pictures either for as much has been going on! But we will get back into the swing of things here soon! we have had weddings like crazy this summer and so many new babies! we have a new niece and nephew that of course i don't have pictures of because i am an awful aunt! And me and my sister in law were on a summer softball league that just ended this last weekend. We don't have a league here for women so we had to drive 30 min. to benson, really gay but whatever it was so much fun! And then Ryan's brother and his wife and two girls just moved here from New Mexico so that has been fun to get closer to them! But that has been our crazy and fun summer so far and sorry i don't have many pictures!
bryson fell in love with the backyardigans!

all the cousins playing at grandmas with the bubbles!

of course ice cream after we play with the bubbles!

not that bryson needs ice cream! both of his cousins there are older than him!

I think he is enjoying every bite!