January 24, 2012

ok so here is our last few months!

These are backwards but that is just how its going to be because i don't want to move them around!
But these are our halloween and thanksgiving and christmas so here we go!

Christmas first: So we spent christmas with Ryan's family this year because Baby Troy got home off the mission only 1 1/2 weeks before so we decided to just stay! Most everyone was here for christmas and it was a lot of fun! The kids were so fun this year because Reece understood a lot more and Bryson really was so excited from the first time he saw a christmas decoration in the store he knew it was coming! We had our little elf that came to keep an eye on the kids too, his name was Gilbert and the kids really loved him! We had a good time trying to find him everyday and he was great to help keep the kids in line!!:)

The day after christmas we headed up to Alpine to my parents cabin to spend the rest of christmas with my family! My Brothers and their families and my sis all had been up there for the five days before we got there so I was anxious to get up there to party! And of course play in the beautiful snow!
there was a couple feet of snow on the ground and it was a blast! (that is the barn that my parents turned into a second cabin that is awesome and so much fun!)
here is our fire in the middle of the snow, i thought was so nice and pretty!
We have a couple snowmobile's and we would pull the sleds and snowboards behind it, Bryson was in heaven and was probably on there for a good couple hours straight! And poor kid, ryan would go so fast and B would fly off pretty hard! He never cared though, that is his type of fun!
Here is B and Reece going for a little ride!!
ANd here are my adorable babies on christmas day in there christmas getup! ( i love those faces) And Tadd is almost 3 months in this picture, although you can't see his face but he is growing up so fast and he looks just like his daddy! I will post more pics of little man soon!
Here is B christmas morning he was so excited to say the least
and i think her face says it all!
She was hilarious, she just kept jumping up and down and yelling she was so happy!
showing off one of her fav things~
Here is the christmas program at our christmas eve party! Reece was a precious angel, and Bryson a wise man!
oh yes and we also had Ryans 30th birthday party and we played the xbox kinect and here is Ryan and Garrick HOLDING HANDS playing the game! It was hilarious! lots of fun friends and food of course! Happy birthday to ry ry!
Here we are at the temple lights with my little bro and his adorable family! Love those babies and wish we got to see them more often! The kids love going every year to see the temple lights!
And of course we can not forget that my baby boy turned 5 years old! I can't believe how fast that has gone by and it has been so fun! I love this little boy so much! We had a super hero party and everyone had capes and we played super hero games and it was fun!
Auntie Stephy came to visit after Tadd was born she spent thanksgiving weekend with us because she was an orphan! We will take her!
And let me just tell you about this boy! Thanksgiving day we have a little craft for the kids and we made gingerbread houses! Well B spent seriously so much time on this house, he took his time to frost the entire house, and made a door, he landscaped it, and put roof tiles on it! He spent more time on that than any of the kids. He is so meticulous about things like this, any kind of art project or craft he really tries pretty hard to do his best!
And this was at halloween, we went to a little pumpkin patch and they had a train the kids got to ride on! Aren't they so cute! Bryson is so good with Reece, he always tries to make sure that Reece is having a good time, and is happy! Such a great big bro to take care of her! They are best friends that is for sure!
And Halloween! Reece was my wonder woman, and Bryson was Batman! And i may be a bit biased but they were the cutest kids ever!
Mr. Batman
Ms. Wonder Woman!

pheww....there ya go, i will try and update more often!