May 29, 2010

Where Dreams Come True

Wow! A month ago we went to Disneyland and of course it has taken this long for me to post about it but my computer wasn't letting me download pictures so anyways here we are!

And this is probably a really long post and way to many pictures that really no one wants to see that bad so skim or whatever! But i have to document everything for whenever this becomes my little journal so get used to it!
And this is our journey to the magical place! (ignore my super whiteness, i just really don't want people to think im illegal:) jk)
For a while we have all wanted to go to Disneyland and take the kids so we decided this would be a fun time. We were wanting all of Ryan's fam. to come but it didn't work out for everyone. So it was OUR family, Ryan's brother Garrick and his wonderful wife Kara:) and there two girls and baby on the way, and Ryan's parents who brought Hunter our nephew and it was such a blast!! So we drove Sunday and the pic of the kids lined up was a gas station who knows where and it had grass so we had a picnic! And the other pics are our lovely and really fun drive! not. Reece is at that age that she doesn't want to stay in one place very long, so that was rough! But other than that it really wasn't to bad!

Check out Bryson's eye! So we get to our hotel late sunday night, go to bed bla bla bla! The next morning Bryson jumping up and down so excited, pretty much running up walls he is so happy. So me and Gary and Garrick (ryans dad and bro.) were going to pick up our super shady Disney tix we got on ebay:) and Bryson started playing on the concrete stairs by our room and slipped and hit head first on the concrete. What a way to start our vaca. right! So he is screaming and yelling i left to meet this guy and come back and this is his face but he had a HUGE goose egg on his head, and it didn't get this black until a couple days later, it was yellow. Crazy!

And then of course DISNEYLAND! We road every ride probably and I have been quite a few times. More the last seven years of my life than anyone should ever go! jk I loved every time but i had never been on all the kids stuff, since i was little! And it was so cute and fun. B loved it! And to see his face when he saw a character was so hilarious, it was worth the drive!

And Reece was such a soldier! She chilled in the stroller prob. the whole time and was so happy as long as we held her ever now and then and she got fed! She is a sweet heart!

so here are more rides of course! And the kids found this area next to a ride that when the rafts came down, they would splash and cover this little area! And of course it was way more fun for the kids to wait there for me and kara to go on this ride than anywhere else! They prob thought that this was a ride b/c they loved it so much!

Oh my goodness and then of course more rides! But I have to say, B's favorite part of everything was riding the Carousel(sp) merry go round thing, and seeing Mickey Mouse! It was so cute, we tried to get him not to wait in line for mickey but he wanted to so so bad! It was worth it! And then he talked about it all day, how he gave Mickey a hug and took a picture with him! I love that kid, such a cutie!

I love the pictures of the kids together because all of them look in different directions and a lot of the time DO NOT WANT TO SMILE! Its too funny! It must be all the waiting in lines!

We had fun with our nephew too! Ryan's parents took him b/c his fam. couldn't come with us! And he had more energy than all of us put together! But we love him:) FUNNY STORY.. so our last night there we were leaving the park and Hunter (our nephew) who is 5 started chasing the ducks that rome the park. Well he caught one and then threw it into the little pond (they fly)! We were all laughing and all "good job hunter"! Well this old man park worker, like a trash dumper, comes over and starts yelling at Hunter saying the ducks are protected and it is against the law to catch one! YELLING at a 5 year old! Well my father in law was not going to have this! He went over and grabbed Hunters hand while this old man yelled at him and started walking off and said "He is 5 do not yell at him, it is a duck!" He was so upset at the man, it was so awesome! ANd the old man kept following him still trying to yell at him! The only reason we Hate California! But it was funny!

Ryan of course said, you should have told him you have a hunting license!

Okay so this is ALMOST OVER I PROMISE! On our way home we stopped at the Beach for one last good time! And B had never been so of course I wanted him to get to go! He loved it, it was so freezing cold and he and his cousins still got in and were all soaked! It was fun to watch them have so much fun! And of course Hunter started to bary himself in the sand! So they all had to use the outdoor community shower! (Cali loves there bums more than we do)

Isn't he so dang hot!:) he just needs to open his eyes!

So thats it for now, but i have a lot more posts to come! Like REECE TURNED ONE! so i have lots of pics from her birthday!

May 10, 2010


WOW... so apparently time really does fly! I can't believe she is going to be one, well in 2 1/2 weeks anyways! She is so different from Bryson, and I love it. I love that she is on her own schedule and is so dand chill! She is happy sitting and watching everyone else around her! NO Really, she finally is crawling and only if she has to get to something she really wants. If she wants me, she won't come get me or crawl to me, she gives her puppy dog face and goes " uh uh uh" she's lucky she's cute:) jk We love her and she is so much fun to have around! And Bryson loves her crazy!
I have no idea what her stats are, but two months ago she was 16.5 pounds and 26" tall. like the 20% for both. Big change from B being in the 99% every time.