April 20, 2010

Happy Late Easter

(I love this picture of Reece with Del Ann! )
So every year we usually have an Easter picnic and this year we didn't because of General Conference (which was really really good) and we got to stay home. It was fun to wake up and see Bryson excited about his Easter basket. I don't really see the point in Easter baskets and the crazy bunny but whatever, who doesn't like an easter egg hunt!
But the kids had fun and I think my inlaws had fun hiding over 200 hundred eggs for the kids to hunt! And my mother inlaw always has the cutest little matching gifts. The boys got John Deere Tin lunch boxes with sunglasses and goodies and the girls got cute purses with sunglasses and goodies! So here they all are in the glasses they got and all of the loot!

before the hunt

After the hunt
And of course the annual Egg coloring! (topless)
And these are just of my little 11 month old (well in a week)
she loves the water...swimming, bath time, anything!