December 15, 2010

All Caught up! phew.....

Okay so here it goes, a super long post but i don't care! So almost a month ago (geez..) Reece turned 18 months old! So we all know what that means........yep the huge attitude came out, oh ya and she gets to go to nursery :) I can't believe she is old enough to go to nursery, its just crazy, but when I went past and looked in to see what she was doing, she was just sitting at the table swinging her feet around and had her arms folded on the table. I could have cried to see her look so old in there! But naturally i didn't because i was just so glad that she stayed:)!

A while ago, we were in Thatcher and went down to the Temple to have a picnic. Bryson always asks to go there and so we did, and it was so fun to relax and let the kids run around on the grass!

Them on the temple steps
And then of course we cannot forget Bryson's birthday!
My little baby is 4! I hate that he is getting so big. I would love for him to stay about this age, and just not ever go to school! Who knows what they will freakin' learn when they start school here! They will all probably have to learn spanish.....lovely! Anyways, this kid had his entire party planned and exactly what he wanted! He loves Toy Story and so he wanted a Buzz Lightyear cake, he wanted everyone to sing happy birthday to him, and he wanted a pinata! I think he was very happy with how it all turned out! Lots of fun family and friends!:)

Yes, and this is my adorable brand new nephew Colt Steven Daley
My older brother and his wife Amber are the cutest and proudest new parents ever and I love it! He is such a cute baby and I don't like that he will probably look totally different the next time i see him!

Then we had Thanksgiving! We spent it in Mesa with my familia, it was fun to spend time with them all and we got to eat at my Grandmas house! It was a really nice and small Thanksgiving...with a ton of food!
All the kids (and steph:)) had so much fun playing at the playground that is right down the street from my grandmas house!

Clearly the kids don't need much to keep them entertained!:) Reece just wanted to climb on and off the chair and then all over Ryan and loved it! I love when the kids play together

And this is all clearly out of order but i don't care! This is of Bryson's first day (maybe second or third) of preschool! And yes sometimes he gets himself dressed and I just don't always want to argue with him to let me change his clothes! so yes here he is so proud!:)

And poor Reece gets so sad when he leaves for school, its so cute! She wants to do everything he does!

Okay and last but totally not the least...I got to play on a woman's soccer team with some of the funnest girls ever! It was so much fun.....even though i didn't know the rules or how to play, it was an awesome workout and seriously hilarious! The other teams would get so mad because we kept doing things wrong or kept using our hands. We only had two people on the team that had ever played or knew anything about soccer really, so it definitely made for good entertainment!:) And yes we actually won 2 games believe it or not, and our last game was 4-0 thank you very much! So bring it on we will play your team any day...we just don't know all the rules all the time:) oh and we were the pink ladies and this was our last game in pink hair and yes mine is crimped(Sp) trying to bring it back!

December 13, 2010

Labor Day 2010

Okay so yes, we have the Haymore family reunion every year over labor day weekend! This year was just as fun as always, with lots of food and food and more food....and stretchy pants!

(this is not at the reunion i just thought it was so cute of Reece and her younger but so buff cousin Cole! He was pushing her around the yard in the jeep)

Anyways, here is Reece in her super dirty face! (the cabin is the only time it is cute)
Grandpa Gary always takes the kids on many quad rides, and the kids absolutely love it! ITs so cute.

The Traditional Pinata, that Bryson was way focused for!:)
once again that cute dirty face that is only acceptable at the cabin!

Bryson and Reece totally chillin' in some kiddy chairs! Reece loves anything that she can sit in all by herself! So independent

And of course, Im the one that got no sleep with the crazy child that decided to never sleep at the cabin, but he is so TIRED probably from all the quad riding and spot lighting!:)

And here is just my silly little Reece! Too cute for her own good, but loves to make people laugh!

And here is Reece with Arlee just chillin! Im sure they were in a deep conversation with her super rad overalls on! And i thought they didn't make them anymore:)

I will make it!

I don't know why I am having a hard time keeping up with the blogging, but im getting back on it and I will be caught all up before christmas! I pinky swear!

Anyways, things have been normal nothing really new to report or anything, just that these two kids are growing up way to fast! I love and hate it all at the same time. Reece and Bryson love to play together and it is so cute to watch them run thru the house or push eachother in the doll stroller. They love to dance together, and Bryson is the best big brother in the entire world! They just love eachother and I love it!

Here are the crazy kids dressing up one sunday afternoon. That has become a sunday tradition for the kids to dress up at grandmas house! They like to play prince and princess or get married... ya know the usual!:)

And then Halloween! yes these posts are all mixed up but whatever its here!
Bryson got to go with his class to apple annies and the pumpkin patch. It was so fun, they had a hay ride and got to pick out a pumpkin (that must be why he can't take a pic. he is to busy finding the best one)! The kids loved it.

And then, of course we were The Flinstones for halloween! Bryson-Bam Bam Reece-Pebbles
Ryan-Fred and Me-Wilma. It was fun and the kids had fun trunk-r-treating. B isn't much of a candy person so after we hit a few cars he was done! But it was cute watching him have fun!