December 13, 2010

Labor Day 2010

Okay so yes, we have the Haymore family reunion every year over labor day weekend! This year was just as fun as always, with lots of food and food and more food....and stretchy pants!

(this is not at the reunion i just thought it was so cute of Reece and her younger but so buff cousin Cole! He was pushing her around the yard in the jeep)

Anyways, here is Reece in her super dirty face! (the cabin is the only time it is cute)
Grandpa Gary always takes the kids on many quad rides, and the kids absolutely love it! ITs so cute.

The Traditional Pinata, that Bryson was way focused for!:)
once again that cute dirty face that is only acceptable at the cabin!

Bryson and Reece totally chillin' in some kiddy chairs! Reece loves anything that she can sit in all by herself! So independent

And of course, Im the one that got no sleep with the crazy child that decided to never sleep at the cabin, but he is so TIRED probably from all the quad riding and spot lighting!:)

And here is just my silly little Reece! Too cute for her own good, but loves to make people laugh!

And here is Reece with Arlee just chillin! Im sure they were in a deep conversation with her super rad overalls on! And i thought they didn't make them anymore:)

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The John Family said...

Reese looks just like you and your mom! So stinking cute!