October 31, 2010

More attempts at catching up...

So of course this was one of our last hot summer days we got to have, wind free and nice and warm! This was Reece's first time on the slip n' slide, and she loved it! Although she was completely dressed before and I really didn't think she would want in... wow was I wrong, she had a blast, and so did Bryson of course. He is such a sweet big brother, he would run and slide down it and then say go Reece its your turn. And Reece would run down it and try and slide on her belly and just laugh, it was so cute to see them play together!

We also did swimming lessons this summer too! Im not going to lie i was totally nervous to start them because B had a fear of being near water without a life jacket (prob. my fault totally after our nephew almost drowned. I will take full credit for that one!) and I didn't think he would get off the step or ever put his face in the water! This is Mr. Brisden, and let me tell you he is amazing! I was so totally impressed with him! He seriously had B swimming within a few days and by the end he was swimming using his arms! I was so surprised with how good he was with the kids and how patient he was! He had them jumping in off the side and swimming across the pool! Anyways, totally awesom teacher and B was actually really sad when his lessons ended! It was only two weeks long...so awesome!

And last but surely not least.....my parents bought a cabin in Alpine as a rental, and it is so beautiful! I absolutely love it there and would go every week if I could and if it was a bit closer (to drive with kiddos)! And the kids love it, B asks on a weekly basis if we can go to Gma's cabin!
(see even Reece is happy about the cabin)

We went on the prettiest four wheeler ride up there and oh my gosh it is just so beautiful! But we got to go up to Sunrise (ski resort) one of the days we were there because they open it up for a weekend and if you take your kids you can get a free year pass for 12 and under going this weekend, and they let you ride the ski lift and all that it was so fun! But the ski lift was kinda so high and kind of crazy with two kids, but so fun and so pretty! Anyways, here are some pics from all that!

My little chub! Just love her!

from our super cool ride!

look how high we were it was crazy, at least when there is snow it might some what soften the landing if you fall! And clearly steph had to check her phone in case someone had to contact her in the 15 min ride!

October 1, 2010

I have a ton of catching up to do! Here is my attempt!

So naturally we had a crazy summer! Nothin specific that I can blame my lack of blogging on just stuff i guess!

To start (def. not in order) we had many trips to good ol' T town! Hangin out with the family is always a favorite especially for the kiddos! Bryson loved swimming and playing with his cousin! Its cute he thinks she is a little older than she is and he tries to wrestle with her!:)

And of course the battle of whos grandma she is! At this age everything is "mine"

We also went to a super fun birthday party for our nephew! Cole is 17 days younger than Reece and i love it! THey are so cute together! Although the size different would tell you they are way more than 17 days apart:)

But we love when we get to hang out! They left us in February to move to Sahuarita! Not that far but might as well be across the country :( jk i love you Bryna!

NOW we are at the 4th of July! happy 4th everyone :) woohoo!

Im not gonna lie, the 4th wasnt the same without all the festivities and BBQing going on! This year it was on sunday so we didn't do our normal get up with swimming and all! Thats ok next year!

Oh my goodness! And then we had a fun girls day with all these lovely ladies! These are some of my most favorite people ever! I love them to death and miss the crap out of them! The four of us on the left all started kindergarden together and graduated together! And then those two on the right, jk girls, they joined us in highschool and became family! This is the only reason I still want to be in highschool (hikeschool billy)! Ha anyways, we had a fun day at lunch and just catching up with them all! Im ready for another girls day...or weekend:)

Moving right along now! ....

This was a fun birthday weekend that was actually in May but whatever! Im sick of moving pictures around!

But we got to go to the Cheesecake Factory......oh ya and the Carrie Underwood concert! jk It was so much fun even though I didn't know many songs it was still fun! Next time i will study up on my country tunes and jam out more!

OH ya there is good ol' Carrie on top of a truck! And these crazy girls were part of our party as well!

So yes, here is part of our summer! So hopefully i will get to doing the rest of it soon!