November 20, 2008

Bryson's first trip to Disneyland!!!! And on a plane

so last weekend my mom decided to surprise my lil sister and take her to disneyland! it was so much fun because of course she brought me and bryson along with her! She picked up my sister at school early and already had a few things packed for her and told her they were leaving. we flew out of tucson so she drove and picked me and bryson up too! We flew to San Diego to stay with my aunt and her 2 girls and steph still didn't know we were going to Disneyland! She waited until late that night and we finally cracked and told her, but she loves disneyland so it was fun to all go together! Although i don't suggest taking a 2 year old all day long without a nap anywhere, he did really good! And it was so much fun! He was totally shocked to see the characters. Like oh my gosh, cartoons are real, it was so cute! Im pretty sure that Disneyland is the best place in the world! it was so much fun! we went on every ride and waited maybe 20 mintues was the longest ever! Best time to go during the week!
we stayed with my aunt in san diego so we only were at Disneyland one day until midnight, ya i know rediculous! But we got to go watch my little cousins soccor game and just hung out with them!

Bryson on his very first ride with Grandma

my sister steph with B and cousin Sydney

of course california adventure, we went there too~

I think he is a little confused about chip...or dale

and Goofy was his favorite, i think because he watches mickey mouse clubhouse and loves it!

November 2, 2008

halloween part 2~

I guess i had to put pictures from halloween night, bryson actually kept his costume on and he looked so cute! he would say "aRRRRRRR" it was so cute....i guess only to his mom and maybe grandma! But here are the pics! If you can't tell he is my little pirate!

His makeup was a little better, but it had already gotten wiped off a bit with candy and spit!

Bryson is such a cheese ball, not the best mean pirate~!
okay so this is all the cousins halloween night at Grandmas.
two very happy and two not so much!

These are the two newest additions Hudson and Jayden! so cute!