March 12, 2009

B is growing up!!!

i was just thinking today that for this really being somewhat of a journal, i haven't put everything that i want in my journal! so i am trying to catch up!~ bryson is doing so much and has grown up to much in the past few months its getting crazy! He is saying the funniest things, like yesterday morning he was playing with a soccor ball saying "socca monsta" which is from backyardigans! He yells it all around the house. so i asked him who he was and he said, " Im Pabo, the socca monsta"! I thought it was so funny that he is remembering everything from his shows and will dance with then and sing! Its so cute!

he got a new bike for his birthday a few months ago, and has finally grown just a little so he can ride it! And can freakin' cruise so fast on it, it makes me so nervous. But he is so cute doing it! And he was riding the other day and i said, "wow good job bud you are getting so fast!" And he replied, "go get da cama, take a piture". He makes me laugh all the time with his cute little face! i just love this kid!

my friend took these pictures of the boys playing "at the park" in the MUD and i thought they were so cute!
and here is a quick update on the house! we are doing drywall right now and its getting fun!

and a freakin' nasty picture of the belly! this has been crazy, because i didn't get this swollen and chubby with bryson but oh well! i guess i will want the picture later!! This little girl is very very active so my belly is lopsided (sp) as well! anyways don't look to close!

March 4, 2009

I am way Behind!!!!!

I know it seems to take forever for me to post anything and i really have no excuse except i just haven't! We have been busy picking things out for the house and it is moving so much quicker than i had expected so we are in double time mode for real! It has been so much fun and i just realized i have no updated pictures so i will do that and post our halfway mark! We should now be in the end of April. So exciting for me considering i am due the end of may, so hopefully i will have a couple of weeks at least to get a few things done!!
Then of course we got to go to the ground breaking for the Temple that will be in the "Gila Valley" and it was so neat! Bryson got to "Shov da dirt" as he kept saying with the golden shovel and it was so cool to see where it will be and the picture of it is beautiful! So that was exciting to see!

We have gotten to play with cousins a lot also! Bryson loves to play with his cousins, Rylee and Bryson are like partners in crime its crazy what trouble they can find in just minutes!!!

And of course getting to babysit is always fun, Bryson loves the babies! (hopefully his sister too!)

And then of course i got a little crazy and wanted to experiment with Fondant....which let me tell you was so much fun! i made these for a friend that just announced being prego and i thought these were cute! so my sis in law helped me put them together and it was so fun, i thought they turned out cute!!! And besides me tripling in size not a lot has gone on! just busy!!! I will post a freakin' belly picture i promise only because it has been requested we just have to get that done....maybe!!!