April 12, 2009

The New baby!

The baby is here!
Thank heavens just now mine! My little Bro. and his wifey had there baby friday morning! I know i thought they were lieing to me at first but her water broke and she was about 4 weeks early! The baby had a really hard time breathing at first and they didn't get to hold her for a little over 24 hours but she is doing better and we got to hold her last night! She is so cute and already looks almost nothing like these pics because she is so swollen here, but she is doing good! She doesn't have a breathing tube anymore and hopefully will get the nasty IV out soon! She was in this tent for the first day and a half to help her breath and when she would start to cry nobody would pick her up. It was so sad to see her just lay there and cry, stupid nurses don't know what they are doing! jk they were great! But here she is little miss Annie Rose Daley!

first family picture!!!
first time getting to hold her!

April 7, 2009

I know 2 posts in one day!!

We have been busy lately with the house and getting ready for maybe only a week or so in between moving in the house and this baby and i have forgotten a few very important things that have been going on!!! First things first, all the way back in January my cute little bro. got married to Jillian Jacob (now Daley)! They are so cute together i am so happy for them! And they are having a baby girl due May 5th! Cinco de Mayo!:) It will be fun for both of us to have little girls the same age! And Sam Danger Daley is also getting married on may 7th to Amber Harman!! Im so excited for them, i get two sister in laws all in the same year!

Tom and Jill

Sammy and Amber!

And it has been so nice (when its not bloody windy) outside that the kids have gotten to play a lot!!! And my sis in law scored this free swing set and that has been Bryson's favorite thing to do, play on "ilee's swings"!! It is so fun to watch them play.

Then of course we had to take Bryson fishing at Parker Canyon Lake a couple weekends ago and he had a blast! He just kept bringing the line back in as soon as we would get it out for him! He had fun, and of course had to try and swim in the lake so that is why he had to be naked (and that is his favorite thing)!

He would follow Ry around the entire time it was cute!

my sweet Bryson!!

Feel free to skip this, i want this on here for journaling purposes, so yes it is a bit long!

B is just starting to put words into sentences and it is so funny, so i thought i needed to make sure i wrote them down before i forget!
He will get so excited and say "Wook at this mommy, wook at this" I just love the way little kids talk, its so cute! Every night he will say "love you to pieces" ,"love you wike cazy", "love you so much"! And for everything its" oh no my goodness"! This kid cracks me up and i didn't want to forget all these little things. He copies everything and its not a good thing sometimes! He has a cousin that is 4 and unfortunately has taught B things i don't want him saying at 2 years old! And of course in Target, so he can't be punished, he starts yelling "you chicken butt!" at everyone including me, i was so embarrassed but i guess it makes me realize he is growing up and is going to say and hear alot worse things!! And a week ago i went out of town for not even 24 hours and he stayed here, well i get back and he is totally different! He was taking a nap when i got here and when he woke up i went to get him all excited to see him and he tries to look around me and says, " where's my gama?" Talk about a broken hear! It was cute though because he has always called my mom and ryans mom "mama" because he couldn't say the G, but of course that has changed when i got back, along with what he calls me! He calls me Camille, most of the time and i will remind him and its almost like he forgets that i am MOMMY! Funny kid, he's lucky he's cute! I can't believe he is going to be a big brother so soon, he has been so easy i am CURIOUS to see how big brother works for him! I am afraid, he loves to be the baby and center of attention, it might take a while to get used to a baby sister!