September 15, 2009

WARNING : lots of pictures!

vegas baby!!!

yes we were so lucky to get away for a few days to las vegas!
It was for Ryan's brothers 30TH birthday so we went to celebrate with Garrick and Kara, it was so much fun! The first night we were there we were going to a show at the very end of the strip and we were staying at the complete opposite end of the strip and we decided it would be fun to walk the whole thing! Wow.....dumbest thing i have ever done, but i guess it was fun! We were trying to make a show so we pretty much ran like 3 miles to get to the end after a while.... so funny! And by the way the Chris Angel show with cirque du soleil was so stupid i don't recommend it, chris angel is a retard! Anyways, it was a fun trip!~

This was on Fremont Street.....such a cool little place, and every hour they had a light show and a few different bands playing, it was really fun!!! Oh and by the way, we went to this comedy club and it was the funniest show ever, it was such a cheap show, but by far the best stand up show ever! (this is a really bad picture, my camera is really crappy!)

so moving on........
Reece is 3 and 1/2 months old!

She is my little chunky sweetheart!!! And she actually looks way bigger than she is!
She is just really chubby, but very small! She is my little shrimp. She smiles all the time until the camera is in front of her, she ALWAYS wants you to talk to her, and she laughs so much too! And just two days ago she rolled over 2 times so i guess that means she is growing up!!!

and this is how i find bryson most of the time! He always wants to lay by her or hug her or kiss her or just be right in her face talking to her! He loves to be the big brother and help her ALL THE TIME! he is such a sweet boy, he gets me through the day......cute boy!

and finally...........
the annual labor day cabin trip!

it was quite the adventure with a three month old, but it was a lot of fun to see everyone....most everyone! It was deffinitely different without Grandma and Grandpa Haymore there, but they are on there mission in Nauvoo! we missed you guys!! Well Bryson once again was on the quads all day everyday, and i don't think i saw he or Ryan most of the weekend but they had fun! Im sure Reece will have fun next year when she can run around! Well i think that wraps it up for now, but i still have a lot to catch up on so till next time!!!!! peace

Yes that is bryson with a mouth full of candy from the pinata!