August 19, 2009

In Memory...

of a truly amazing husband, father, friend and servant of our Heavenly Father.

My dear friend's husband, Kameron Haban, passed away this morning at 10am after a long and difficult fight with Lupus. Kameron was a generous, loving and incredible person. His wife, Jami, is a strong, faithful and just plain amazing woman who has been such a rock through this whole trial. His son, Kason, is a 2 1/2 year old who is so sweet, soft-spoken and tender-hearted. Jami and Kason are now left on this earth without their sweet husband and father. While they know they WILL be reunited with him, they are need of thoughts and prayers. I would also like to make a plea to everyone to help support this family in another way. We just opened up an account in their behalf yesterday. Anybody can go to any Bank of America branch and ask to make a donation to the account under JamiLynn Haban for the benefit of Kameron Haban -OR- you could also make an online donation at then send a donation to Please know that I would never ask this of you if it wasn't something that I truly believed in and something and someone that is in true need. Thank you so much to everyone for their support and love.

If you would like more information on the family, you are welcome to check out her blog where she has been documenting her experience. It is a detailed and heart-felt blog that is sure to touch your heart. The address is
Thanks again. Much love to you all

August 13, 2009

B is officially potty TRAINED!

to start off I gotta give a shout out to the brothers. Sambo Rambo is a big 26 today And Willis turned 21 on monday! Happy Birthday brothers!

This was the most recent one i had of Sam and i don't have one of Willis sorry buddy!
looks like i need to update my pictures!
but look how young B cute and !


Okay so this is my favorite 2 year old boy ever! He is so cute in his chonies and did so good potty training, he got it down in like 2 full days he was such a champ! He would get so proud of himself when he goes to the bathroom all by himself! He will yell through the house I did it i did it! It is so cute, and it has been over a week and a half and he still gets so excited, i love it! And by the way whoever said potty training is a nightmare.....ya big baby this was so easy! jk Great now Reece is going to be so hard!

But he is just such a sweet heart! Today since it was raining (its about time) i promised to take him to the playground if he was good at the gym and he was so good so we went to the mall to play and eat lunch, and on our way home of course i was jamming out in the car getting really excited about nap time and Bryson yells at me to "turn the music down" and says , "thanks mom for taking me to the payground" and i said oh buddy your welcome i love you bud! And he said, "I know mom and i love you!" He has all of the sudden gotten so old and big now that he is a big brother and i love it but that he is growing up so fast now!

I was just thinking that now that he is potty trained this is the end of him really being my baby, he is a big boy and wants to go to preschool so bad its not funny! He is hearing about all the other kids going and wants to so bad....poor guy wont be three until November! But anyways, i just had to brag about how sweet my little boy is!

we have been landscaping so he wants to work in his boots but, he takes all of his clothes off to go to the bathroom, i just thought this was a cute pic!

August 6, 2009

Our Baby girls Blessing Day!

So sunday we blessed Reece, and it was such a sweet day! Our church is at 8:00 and we had never been on we were up at 6:00 trying hard to get there. And let me tell you it made the entire day totally different because i didn't feel rushed and stressed! It was one of the best sundays I have had. So it started off great then we got to our ward where let me tell you the whole ward is like the cry section, there are so many kids and babies that never really had bothered me until sunday! Can i just say i didn't even hear one word of the blessing not her name nothing! For all I know her name might not be Reece! I tried so hard to listen and hear something but the mic was so low and the kids were way loud! It was fine I actually had to calm myself down at first because I was so annoyed and then I could actually feel the spirit! So It ended up being great even though i have no idea what was said, it was still a very sweet day! And we were so lucky enough to share the day with Bryna and Tyler and there cute little baby Cole! It was fun to have it done together.

Not the best picture of Reece but i needed one of her and her daddy

Me and my pops

this is my and Ryan's Grandpa's together

and our Grandma's together! THey both lived in thatcher

together and were great friends! They are so cute together

August 1, 2009

So many things to update on!

okay so i know i am the worst about keeping updated lately, but things just are crazy trying to get the house together still and working on the yards......well Ryan working on the yards! Okay so start at the beginning, the fourth of july was a blast here. We had lots of fun, had a BBQ and swam and watched the fireworks! I must say our firework show is by far the best ever.

Bryna and Tyler came down and there little boy Cole is 2 1/2 weeks younger than reece. It is fun to have them around and i can't wait for the babies to get older and play together!

And the other picture is Bryson so terrified of the fireworks that he didn't even look at them, he s it so bad! Poor guy! But he sure loves is little sister it is so cute!

and Bryson is so in love with tractors its funny! We are doing our backyard and he is loving the tractor here. And i promise i will eventually post pics of the house when i actually get it together! We are getting there.
And this is our precious 2 month old! I cant believe its going by this fast already.
she smiles all the time and has been for a while now since the 4th of july. She is so sweet and loves me so much that she sleeps all night long till like 7:30 its amazing! We are having so much fun with her!

2 months old