February 15, 2010

warning: really long post!

my adorable little 3 year old sunbeam!

So this little boy is so much fun! It can be so stinkin' cold and he bundles up to go play! This is his jeep he got from santa and he LOVES it!

And I haven't gotten a recent pic of him on sunday, but this little cutie is a little sunbeam now and i can't believe it! He is growing up way to fast!

a few things he always says: "mom you be careful now!" (very serious about things)
also, "no mom you don't touch that, thats not yours."
and one of my favorits.
B- "mom i want to go to grandmas house"
me- "okay well which grandmas do you want to go see?"
B - depending on the day......" I wanna see my grandma de-wan(delann)"
or "I want to go to my grandpa Farmers house and grandma farmers house"
grandma and grandpa farmer would be my parents...because of couse my dad the farmer and that happens to be a playground for bryson!

Brysons amazing outfit above was in result of the crazy amount of snow that came a couple weeks ago and stayed for about a week. Not much at our house but this is maybe 3 min. up the road and this is from our backyard....and yes it was pretty dang cold...but so pretty to see everyday!


these two are so cute together! Bryson is such a sweetheart to Reece and its so cute! He is always trying to make her smile and laugh and gets so excited when he does!
He loves to hug her and kiss her...... and every day when she wakes up in the morning or from her nap he always greets her with "goodmorning baby reece, goodmorning" Its so cute in this little baby talk voice that of course he learned from hearing me and ryan talk rediculous to her!

And then of course BATHTIME!
These two are so cute in the tub, reece thinks bryson is hilarious doing EVERYTHING and its pretty entertaining to watch! wow reece is really white!

We got her ears pierced!

I have been kind of wanting to but not really! If you know what i mean. I hate making her sad and i didnt want to deal with this! But she did it like a champ, only crying for a min. But i still felt bad. And after they did the first one I almost didn't want them to finish, if it didn't go so fast I would have made her stop! Its probably good they finished!:) Anyways, my princess is eight months old well over that but, it is going by so fast and we love her so much despite the little stinker she is at night! But now i remember why i waited till B was almost 2 to start over! she is lucky shes cute!:)

And i will post more pics later, i sick of uploading pics. but my sis in law had her 4th baby boy and i had her boys a few times and bryson was in heaven! Cute little boys!