November 7, 2009

happy halloween

So this is late and i am slacking because my camera is so cool and really nice (NOT) and works all the time and takes great pictures! Actually i feel like a Grandma trying to get it to turn on, not because i don't know how, but because it is a piece of "work"! Anyways, So Halloween was fun, Bryson was a cowboy (because he has an opinion now and wont be anything else probably ever!) and Reece was my little pumpkin and they were so cute! But when we got home and realized we didn't have any pictures we tried to get B in his again and he didn't want to so this is what we got, half of it!:)
We did the whole pumpkin carving thing but way way to early and they died like three weeks ago! So anyways that was our Halloween maybe next year i will do better in getting in to it!
And once again it has been another month and Reece is now 5 months old!
It is going so fast and she is getting so chubby and cute! I love it. She is starting to roll to get places or just scoot! It is cute, and im pretty sure she loves Bryson more than anyone or anything it is so adorable and he just loves her, He refers to her as "Precious" or "little princess"
I guess that is what we get when his best bud is a ! But here are a few pictures of last Sunday Ry reading to the kiddos! Oh and i will try to post again before she is 6 months old!:) no promises
Cheer up Ry~ jk


The John Family said...

so cute! She looks like you!

Margo said...

Oh my gosh, your family is too cute. How could they not be with you for a mom. Just thought I would say hi! Hope you are doing good!

Mary Ann said...

You kids are so so cute! What a fun family you have! I miss you! Come see me!

Mary Ann said...

Hey girl! Let me know what you want for vinyl! Look on my vinyl blog (it is on the side of my family one).. pick the size, font and color and email me (the email is on there!) Talk to you soon!

Deanne Wahl said...

Your kids are getting big! And so dang cute :)