June 2, 2008


ya that's what i thought! i was totally counting down the days until he could go to nursery and have so much fun. i figured he would love it because we have a little kid room at my gym and he is there everyday and loves it. but wow i was so wrong! but things started off not so hot sunday morning so i totally should have known!
so sunday morning we all get ready and brysons church clothes were mostly all dirty so i didn't have what i wanted him to wear! Then.... i was trying to take a picture and he started running towards me and fell right into my knee and now he has a cute little black eye, but now he was in an unhappy mood for our first nursery episode! Then, we are ready to go to nursery and he runs in as soon as he sees the toys and kids, never looks back for me. i left thinking wow we did really good for our first time, so i went back to take a picture since he wouldn't hug me or anything and he was still fine(proof)! i left, went to teach my primary class and i get into my room which was down the hall and up the stairs by the stage, and i hear a scream.....it continues and i know that is brysons cry because he is so dang loud. i listen for a while and just wait thinking he will chill out. NOPE... 10 minutes of screaming and gasping for air he is crying so hard and they finally bring him to me and ryan takes him. he wouldn't even look at me he was holding on so tight.... im sure praying that we never would make him go back. Im not sure what changed from the second i dropped him off, but that was our first run at nursery! After our class ryan went and sat with him in there for the last hour and he never left ryans lap! I never thought he had this kind of drama in him! Hopefully, things will be a LOT better next week, because im done playing run around the church!
Okay, so we have somewhat been lazy with our blogging but there has been a ton going on! we have been in thatcher because my parents are in Egypt and Israel and all that. Before that my mom graduated in Flagstaff with her masters in education, so we all drove down for that (and i don't even have any pictures she does). And Bryson has been spending lots of time with cousins because my two(crazy) sister in laws both had babies a couple weeks ago. Only one lives down here and she has C- sections so my mother in law had her kids for a while
and we spent a lot of time with them and they totally love it!

so that is mostly what has gone on and we will try to update more often!


mandee said...

I know what you mean Marlee just started nursery last week too. Braden is in there so it helps just a little!! Anyways what is that guys name that is on the bachlortte i recorded it tonight so i will watch it. Hope you are doing good and i will talk to you later.


meredith said...

You are so funny. Maybe he didn't realize they were having snacks...miss you guys.

Deven and Britany Dicus said...

Totally feel you on the nursery thing! Jaxson's almost 2 1/2 and he still sometimes has a hard time going. Hopefully Bryson will do better!

Kimby said...

Camille he is such a stud! So cute! I wish we got to see eachother more often than once every few years!;) Teonna had a baby boy, and that is about all I know because I have only been able to leave messages for her. My parents are all over the place right now too, but when they settle down (who knows when) I am planning a trip to Thatcher. Maybe we can get together then?

Bridget and Dustin said...

Just hang in there with nursery and I know he will start to like it. I have been in nursery for the last 6months and it helps when they just keep bring them in and by the end they love it. Congrats to your mom on her masters! Love all the cute pictures of your little man.

Mary Ann said...

your mom is so awesome! cute pictures.. my little girl has drama every week with nursery.. i'm so glad you parents got a pool and are so nice to let us swim! :) they are going to regret telling us we could come! it was so fun to see you. come back soon!