November 11, 2011

Its only been four months! could be worse

Ok so I know it has been forever and I'm not really sure anyone looks at this thing but I still would like to update it enough for it to be a little journal! So much has been going on lately it has been totally crazy! BUT first things first....I need to introduce the newest and most adorable addition to our family! Mr. Tad Marshall Haymore. He was born on October 5, 2011 and weighed 6lbs 2oz. at 12:48 pm. I was induced that morning at about 8 o'clock and everything went perfectly, with about not quite two full pushes to get little man out! And ever since he has been the best baby ever, sleeping like a champ and is seriously so dang adorable if i don't say so myself! :) He has been such a blessing in our home and its been so fun to see the kids with a little baby and how good and helpful they are with him! Bryson asks every day when will he be big enough to wrestle and play with!...soon enough I'm sure.

Here he is the second he was put on the scale
And here we are with Dr Kacenga, who was so great and we totally loved him! But man my face is crazy fat!
And the kiddos with my dad and Reece inspecting the baby making sure he is aloud to come home with us
And Reece once again being such a great and overly helpful big sister
And here is Mr Tad cuddled in his blanket after a bath....doesnt he look like an old man! I love it
And i just thought i should add this pic of Reece looking like she is on a mission with her babies! She has gotten to the most fun age and is so dang hilarious! She says the funniest things all the time, and is finally just about potty trained. We still have a pull up at night but other than that she does really good! I am so proud of her and love having her around!

And this is Tad at one month old after church trying on Bryson's tie... I just love this kid!

And the picture below is our last couple weeks we were in our house. We sold our house and are in the process of building once again! I was a little attached to my house and sad to leave but its a fun new change building again. I guess this is just the beginning of our building journey, i know we have a few more ahead of us! We just finished the framing and its getting really exciting to see! I will post some pictures soon (hopefully) when it gets a little easier to see what is what!

So over the summer after the mass destruction from all the fires we did get to go up to my parents cabin a couple times to relax! And there is nothing more relaxing than getting to be up there in Alpine, I absolutely love it! We got to hang out with my Brother and sister in law and there adorable little boy Colt and we took some pictures of the kids and of course we never got all three of them looking at the same time but they are still really cute i think!

Yes i am aware that Brysons head is glowing pretty much! sorry
of course we did a little fishing while we were there at Big lake
And let me must tell you a little about Bryson! He is the sweetest boy ever and is such a good helper, he will clean his room, make his bed and vacuum. I love it! And he is in preschool again and is learning so much, its just crazy how fast he is growing up and will be five in a week and a half! He also just finished playing in a soccer league and that was a bit interesting! He didn't really care for it in the beginning but by the end really got into the contact part and knocking kids over and then scored two goals in the last game! We were so proud of little man...such a stud!
anyways...ill post more about him on his bday!
And a sad picture of a little bit of what got burnt! This was nothing compared to what was there too and what had grown back!
And the kids chillin' at the Barn


The John Family said...

He is so cute! :) Looks like your other two kids! :)

The Seiuli's said...

He is seriously adorable and so are the other two. Love your family!!!