June 27, 2011

Happy Birthday to my "sweet" baby girl!

Okay so yes I am going to post about Reece's birthday but first I just have to tell you a little about Bryson! (only because this is the order the pics uploaded in and im to lazy to move them)
A few weeks ago this kid decided he wanted to ride his bike without training wheels! We were over at my in laws and he just got it in his head that is what he wanted to try so when we got home that night he brought Ryan his bike and asked if he would take them off......Ry gave him a little push in the backyard (grass) and B took off without even hesitating! Me and Ry looked at each other and just started laughing! So we figured lets try in the front ( we don't get much traffic if any and more room) so he can ride farther and try and turn around and all! We get out there and Ry just kept running next to him thinking he may fall once or twice...nope not until he was trying to stop and just kind of fell over!!! But I am so proud of this kid, its so fun to watch him grow and become such a fun little boy!! He has a bigger bike but we figured it would be easier to learn on a smaller bike to start himself and put his feet down to stop, but he has now conquered the big bike just as well!

Okay so now for miss thing! So i can not believe that she is two!!!! It is so dang crazy and Im not sure how I feel about it all!! I love that she is becoming independent and getting her very own sassy personality but its just sad that she isn't my baby anymore....and that we are going to have a new baby! And yes we are expecting I am really bad at posting those things....so if you didn't know, there ya go! A little nervous, not going to lie, but whatever we will deal with it and it will be just lovely:)

Anyways, so on her birthday of course I didn't get a ton of pictures and not one that is very good at all! She got this tent that she loves and is always in so that is of course where these pics are and are blurry because they are thru a tent!

She has become very independent

loves shoes and to try and dress herself

has a very very sassy personality

has more facial expressions and drama than five people put together (im guessing that was learned from her two lovely cousins:)miss jade and miss rylee!)
LOVES food:)

loves the camera and to give the cheesiest smile on the planet!

loves babies especially her little cousins Tyce and Colt!

loves to sing songs.. ALL DAY LONG!

and probably more than anything else LOVES her brother Bryson....they play for hours and hours together and I love to see them play more than anything! SO sweet!:)

And of course this is her very serious opening up her presents!!! She did have a fun birthday even if her mother forgot to sing happy birthday and blow out candles:)


The John Family said...

How sweet! She is so cute! Looks like fun!

Spencer and Marlee said...

I couldn't believe it when Bryson rode his bike over to my house! I was impressed!!! GOOD JOB B!!
Reese is just a cute little girl. She has such a fun personality and I love watching her facial expressions! Happy Birthday Girl!!

The Seiuli's said...

Yay! Wow I am very late on your update. Cute pics.