August 12, 2010

Playing Catch up

So we have had some fun this summer, nothing crazy big but a trip to Ryan's grandparents cabin and of course a few trips to Thatcher! It has been pretty relaxed for us with the exception of the drama filled children:) Reece has started talking AlL the time and finally started walking about a month ago and is so funny! She will do anything to make someone laugh and makes the silliest faces! I love that girl even though she already gives me a headache!

One of our many trips to T-town! So funny the two girls would fight over grandma! If one was sitting on her lap the other had to be too! cuties! And then there is Bryson and Annie on the trampoline playing.....Bryson loves playing with her, they are cute together. I think he does because she is more sturdy than Reece and can do more:) You would think they were 6 months apart but nope just under 2! ( Reece and Annie)
And then there is Grandpa who drops everything to come play with the kids! ANd they love him so much! Reece and B both will follow him around....Bryson wants to do everything he is and Reece just wants to cuddle! she is to sweet!
Oh and yes the slide that Bryson conquered! He was so proud that he finally went down the slide. It goes pretty fast but he wouldn't get off once he tried it!
And last of all the Great 24th of July parade and celebration! Bryson road in the parade with Tom and Jill and his two grace and annie on the tractor! He was in Heaven! If you look close he has the biggest smile on his face!
And now here are pics from our trip to the cabin a few months so behind, but it was fun!

sHooTing GuNs..... plAYinG in thE CreeK......and RidIng QUadS! Doesn't get any better than that. It was a nice relaxing weekend w. Ryans bro. and his Wif Kara, and Ryans Uncle Ron!

And this has been many mornings for us this summer, Reece finds her way into B's room and they will play for hours its so fun to listen to them. And of course listen to Reece try and talk to B! so cute


Anonymous said...

Aw! You guys have a beautiful family! The kiddos are growing up so fast! Have more!!!! You guys have the cutest kids!

Travis and Britni said...

How fun. Your kids are adorable. I love how chunky Reece is. It was great to see you over the 24th. My Mom said she got to play with you a couple days ago. She said she had such a good time. I was jealous I couldn't come play too. Hope all is well.

Megan T. said...

Camille where's the picture of you in the creek in you underwear? Haha I miss you already!

The John Family said...

Where is our pic of all us girls when we went to lunch!