July 10, 2010

Here we go!

Drama drama drama!

The many faces of REECE!

This little ball of joy is so stinkin funny! She is such a DRAMATIC little girl! I am just so "excited" for teenage years from all the little tantrums and drama she has shown already. But she definitly can make me laugh...! Bryson just loves her, it is one of my favorite things to see them play together. And one of her many personalities, when she is tired or just not in a mood to play with Bryson she will push him away from her. If I am reading her a book, she will close it if he comes to read with her or look at it! She is a stinker but when she wants to be nice, she is a sweetheart!
Not sure if they look alike really! i can't tell im just the mom!
bryson at 3 months reece at 2 months

bryson at 11 months

reece 1 year old!


Spencer and Marlee said...

Are you kidding... they look so much a like, Both cute! I LOVE that face of REese's.

Mary Ann said...

Good luck! The drama is just starting! It just gets "BETTER"! :)

Deanne Wahl said...

They look so much alike! And the drama only gets better. I love that their personalities show so early.