January 5, 2010

December 2009!

so this month has been full of fun:) jk It has been great, but so many things to post and not enough time, so here i am trying to do it all in one post! So i AM WARNING tons of PICTURES! We started off just a fun little trip to thatcher for Ryan's cousin Megans reception. We went for the day and Bryson had a blast! He road tons of Tractors, Horses and the four wheeler within the few hours we were there!

he was so excited!

Then two days before Christmas......IT SNOWED!!!! THIS IS THE closest we get to a white christmas! It was just a few inches and it mostly melted by afternoon, but it was so fun while it lasted!

then we went to Thatcher for Christmas and went up to the mountains christmas eve and it was so fun! COLD but fun. Bryson was on the tubes being pulled down the mountain and on the quads!~ It was a ton of fun!

Poor Reece, I didn't think it would be that cold and didn't have thick socks so she has my moms gloves on her feet! They were so cold! But she is dang cute!

And she is 7 months old! It goes by so fast!

THis is he and Tom but you can't really tell!

isn't he adorable!

THen of course Christmas, it was so much fun to have the whole fam. together and finally have some sister in laws and a niece!!! It was fun, we all stayed at my parents (even tom and jill even though they just live in pima) and had a fun morning. Ate like kings and ate some more all.....day.....long...... but so worth it! Bryson was so excited this year, he understood way more than before and was really cute when he saw all of his stuff santa brought!

And its a little scary how alike sam and bryson are!
they love to pester people and i love it when sam gets bugged by Bryson!
A little taste of his own medicine and what i went through all growing up!:)

Oh ya and it was my and Ryan's 5th anniversary on the 29th of December too~ but of course that doesn't get much because of rys birthday and christmas all together! But woohoo 5 years! love you !:) we did go to dinner and all that jazz

Then for new years (well sat. after new years) we went bowling on post and let me tell you i think i want to join a league! I am no good but it is so much fun! i hadn't played in probably tenish years and i think i am going to make it a once a week event!:) seriously


Marisa and Rob said...

Hey!!! Looks like you had a great Christmas!!! :0) Our blog went Private for a little bit, if you would like to see what we have been up too and our new addition who will joining our family soon, email me your address: rasmussenmarisa@Hotmail.com

Our Ohana said...

hey beautiful ... i love bowling too. come here and come bowling. it's way funner in Utah! :) love ya!

Anonymous said...

Hey there! I know you dont know me, my name is Ambrosia. I somehow came across your blog by 'blog~hopping' through some of my friends blogs, and I thought I'd say hi! I've known Ryan since 4th grade, and I wanted to comment and tell you that I have a son named Brysonn too! {Mine has an extra "N" on the end just to make it a little different}. My Brysonn is almost 9. Your kids are ADORABLE! You have a beautiful family, and it looks like you are leading a really blessed life. I pray God continues to bless you ABUNDANTLY! Have a great weekend!